Unmasking the Real Enemy on the Pro-life Frontline

‘It’s clearly satanic!’

I looked at the man sat opposite and my mind started to race… Having sat and listened to the facts presented I struggled to draw any other conclusion. But could it be so? Was there really a supernatural backdrop to what was taking place? The facts seemed hard to dispute.


Earlier that evening I had made my way down a deserted London street. Minutes later my finger pressed a buzzer marked: Basement. A door opened, and I found myself descending a narrow flight of stairs to the basement area of a large house.

Sat waiting for me was a man who wishes to remain anonymous. Suffice it to say I know who he is and, more importantly, what he is. On reading an article about the closing of an abortion clinic in London, one I had had published some months previously, he contacted me to say that he wanted to tell me ‘things that would be of interest’. Now, at last, we had met, and, as he bid me sit, began his tale.


He was involved in the Pro-Life fight. On that front line, he had prayed outside clinics for years. He had helped any expectant mother he could. But, this was not what he wanted to speak of. There was another ‘story’ he wished to share. It was a ‘back-story’, and one that pointed to a reality behind this struggle between life and death, light and darkness, good and evil.

This is a tale of places east and west, south and southwest around London. Four points of the compass, four buildings that today have a common purpose, and so, for now at least, have become four dark marks upon the map – four places prayed outside as the young, and not so young, arrive distressed and leave traumatised. These unholy sites were the key to what he was to tell me. And so, let us begin to the south west of London.

There is a large house standing in an affluent area. It is today an abortion clinic. Anonymous, hidden even, publicly it draws little attention to its works and the many women who are enticed there. For years now, a prayer vigil organised by The Good Counsel Network has been held outside it – something that has drawn only vitriol. Respectable people have shouted abuse and told those that pray to leave the neighbourhood as they are affecting the house prices. Such a reaction is not unexpected. What was unexpected, however, was something much more sinister. A man approached the vigil and started abusing those stood outside praying. Again, not unexpected, however, his rage grew in intensity before his anger turned on the Church, and, then, unexpectedly, the mask slipped and he started to pray to Satan…

The man sat opposite me had not been surprised by this, though, and went on to explain why. When a woman decides to leave, not to go in, to keep her baby, then, literally, all hell is loosed. It happens every time, he says, just before something good occurs. There was another reason, it seems, for this peculiar reaction, however, and that involves the property itself.

It was once a convent. A hostel run by nuns for young women come to London to study or work. Somewhere in the middle of it, there is a chapel, one used in the past for the Holy Sacrifice, but, now, used for an altogether different purpose…

On that sad note, let us move to the south.

There is another similar place of sadness; one sat on the side of an urban hill. In this crowded city quarter stands another large building dealing in counterfeit ‘health services’. Paradoxically, the local protestant church, still situated beside it, once owned this house and its grounds. In fact, from the adjacent church building one can look straight into the arbortuary’s waiting room – standing as it does in hollowed ground of sorts.

I looked at the man opposite to me as he continued to speak; it felt as if a light was slowly coming towards me through a dark passageway.

Next, we moved out to the east, and a discovery.


Here there is another place, another old house set in its own grounds. Now, no longer a family home, it is, instead, a place of desperation with its trade largely concealed. Another vigil prays outside there too. Once a bishop and priest came to join it. Thereafter, it proved to be a very different affair. The usual hostility directed towards those taking part in the vigil increased tenfold. In fact, on that day, there was reported a strange fury not witnessed before. The man telling me this then added something surprising: there was no earthly way that those so angered could have known about the significance of who had arrived there.

In retrospect, it is indeed odd, given what was discovered later that day. Initially it was thought that the coming of a bishop must have provoked this, however, there was more to it than that. The bishop had appeared with a brother priest alongside. When he had reached there, this accompanying cleric was staggered by what he beheld.  As he stood looking at the property in front of him, he realized that it was none other than the very house his family had once owned. It was there his father and uncle had both been raised – the latter also going on to enter the priesthood. Only the visiting priest could have known the precise history of the house. Nevertheless, what was revealed that day was that whatever – or more particularly whomever – was inside also knew. Now, in that house, once the epitome of a Christian home, a new spirit is abroad, and seemingly one that knows all too well why it is there.

Our final destination is west London. It is there it stands, nondescript, a substantial suburban house with a discreet sign offering yet more ‘health services’ to women, its trade being nothing of the sort, of course. Nevertheless, the building has a curious feature, one attached to the wall outside, and unmistakable: a plaque to St. Michael the Archangel. Its presence tells of a different period in the history of the building in question.

It was once an Anglo-Catholic convent. For years, a group of devout women prayed in its chapel, being as it was a place of healing for troubled souls; later, it was to become a maternity home. In short, the building’s past use was the very antithesis of what is now taking place there.

How many houses in London have a plaque to the Archangel attached to their walls? Few, very few, and today above that plaque there is a sign advertising an altogether different entity’s services – a final ignominious gesture.

‘Now do you see?’ It wants to be there. Its diabolical presence is drawn to these holy places, it is the real enemy …’

And, with that, he finished speaking. The room returned to silence, and, as it did so, the only conclusion that could be drawn came into unmistakable relief.

All the buildings had been used by church authorities or lived in by devout Christians. What was now being plied in them was no coincidence. There was a desecration taking place, a gleeful mocking of what had gone before – the Holy Sacrifice, the love of husband and wife, the welcoming and care of children and their being raised in a Christian home…

A murderer from the start, envy was the devil’s first emotion, and, no doubt, it shall be his last…


As the door banged shut behind me, I retreated back to a nearby train station through the now still streets.

Night had fallen, and with it everything seemed peaceful, but then I remembered what I had just heard and with it came a disturbing realization, namely, that God’s enemy never sleeps, however, just as quickly as this thought entered another replaced it – the Heart of Jesus is also awake and watching… And, therein lies our hope.

image: ETIENjones / Shutterstock.com

K. V. Turley


KV Turley writes from London

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  • Tanya Wersinger

    You need to write a book.

  • nancyveronica

    This is chilling…and very revealing. Thank you for ending the article with our hope in the heart of Jesus!

  • Alex

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. It’s an article written with the drama and pull of well-written fiction.

  • Kathy Forck

    What a great revelation. We see this all the time when we pray at the abortion facility in Columbia MO. Just when the evil and hatefulness of people driving or walking by is manifested, we praise Jesus because we know He is doing a great work inside the building.

  • jesusloveshismum

    Eternal Father I offer you the body and blood, soul and divinity of your dearly beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ,in atonement for our sins, and those of the whole world,for the sake of his sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world,holy God holy mighty one, holy immortal one, have mercy on us and on the whole world, Jesus I trust in you.

  • kpm

    I prayed outside Dr Kermitt Gosnells “House of Horrors” for 10 plus years 2nd Saturday of every Month. Mass at U of Penn then Praying Rosary on route to the Clinic at 38th and Lancaster for an Hour returning for Benediction. An Irish lassy would sprinkle Holy water on the Door and outside walls. Inevitably some staffer would come out screaming hysterically! You could feel the Evil..We had the original digital Copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe from mexico pay a visit.. No Body came out that day! Satan was afraid!

    I lived in Reigate England spent lotsa time in London it has no Soul as does Singapore!

    Very sad that Satan has permeated every level of England. Now USA is near collapse morally! Satan struck with No Fault Divorce,then Oral Contraception now Satanic Gay Marriage.

    Great article Thanks!

  • pnyikos

    It is very sad when a building that was once a chapel is changed to a purpose diametrically opposite.

    But here in Columbia, South Carolina, there is a heartening example of the opposite sort. A building on a hill whose upper floor was an abortion chamber for several decades was bought after the death of the abortionist by a pro-lifer, who rented the upper floor of the building to a pro-life organization, Bethany Christian Services. A Christian ceremony, in which I took part, re-dedicated the former chamber of horrors.

    The bottom floor is being rented by South Carolina Citizens for Life, the SC branch of National Right To Life Committee. When it was opened for its new purpose, the Bishop of Charleston, who at the time was The Most Reverend Robert Baker, performed a blessing on the new use of the building.

    Formerly the lower floor was inhabited by one Sylvia Floyd, who would periodically give false or distorted testimony against sidewalk counselors at the upstairs clinic of the abortionist, Jesse J. Floyd.

    ” …they shall beat their swords into plowshares
    and their spears into pruning hooks.”
    –Isaiah 2:4

  • BobGeorge

    I pray outside these killing centers, these houses run by the devil in Florida. Recently I have been starting my prayers with an exorcism prayer which can only be prayed privately as the Bishop hasnt given me the authority to pray it publicly and of course he shouldnt as I am not a priest or exorcist priest. It ends with the St Michael prayer at which time I sprinkle holy water all over the place. Then I throw the sacred salt. I have anointed the sign with blessed extra virgin olive oil. Then I start a special protection prayer. And I call upon my support Team…Divine Majesty, our Mother..true Beauty…all 9 choirs of Holy Angels and Saints and all souls in Heaven and Purgatory and Limbo if there is one. I ask for all 58 million of unborn children to pray with me along with the hundreds of millions killed via chemical abortion. I know the evil ones have put a bullseye target on me, but I fear not. I trust in the Lord Who is my help and my salvation. One Thursday I asked the Lord to send a holy warring angel of chaos and destruction to turn off all utilities inside this God forsaken place. An hour later a Brighthouse cable guy pulled in with his van. I asked what happened…he said for some reason their cable/phones/tv werent working. Thank you, Lord. And if you want to have some of the Holy Principalities of angels to pick up that bldg and deposit it 50 miles into the Gulf of Mexico unoccupied that would be ok too. I believe in miracles. One other thing..there is a snake that lives in the fauna near the front entrance. Fitting, huh? One time the abortion supplies van came and as soon as the employee was about to walk in the front door, the snake went right over his gym shoes to the other side of the porch resulting in this employee effecting the highest high jump he’s ever made!! God bless you all,,..Mary keep you….St Michael ever protect you…..keep it pure/chaste/holy and thanks for any prayers.

  • Polycarp13

    What is a Modernist? —- To proceed in an orderly manner in this recondite subject, it must first of all be noted that every Modernist sustains and comprises within himself many personalities; he is a philosopher, a believer, a theologian, an historian, a critic, an apologist, a reformer. These roles must be clearly distinguished from one another by all who would accurately know their system and thoroughly comprehend the principles and the consequences of their doctrines.
    Agnosticism its Philosophical Foundation
    Pope St. Pius X

  • JustAnOldBear

    Definitely no disrespect intended, but Satan being behind abortion is obvious. In fact Satan is behind both abortion and same-sex marriage. He (Satan) hates God and will stop at nothing to prevent humankind from existing. And there is no better way to undermine God than to undermine the family unit that was created by God; one man, one woman forunity and for the procreation of children.

  • ThugTug

    I wonder what would happen if a couple of priests, or a bishop perhaps, showed up and performed a eucharistic exposition in front of these clinics? Hmmm………

  • kam counts

    In the modern era i am accepting of this choice by women. I think this is something the catholic church needs to amend.

    How can the devil take the soul of an unborn, which is not even classified as a child?

    It is just a coincidence, as the church was the largest property owner, and christians the dominant inhabitants. Economics, the church has sold off such properties.

  • Godcries

    Modern Era? When the Virgin Mary traveled to see her cousin Elizabeth, at six months pregnant with John the Baptist, at Mary’s greeting to Elizabeth “the babe in her (Elizabeth’s) womb leaped for joy. So, who are you defying? That ‘leap’ was the realization by John the Baptist living still in Elizabeth’s womb of the infant (still in Mary’s womb, not yet a month old) was his master and Lord, Jesus Christ. There is no coincidence in this revelation of Satan’s actions. You are naïve or under Satan’s power to believe other than what is here related of Satan’s real presence in the world. Fear Satan, run to Jesus.

  • Godcries

    George, thank you for the many ways that you have listed to protect myself and call upon our church triumphant to protect all who come to take a stand against abortion. I am not conscientious about going to the center near me, this encourages me to be more diligent in presence and prayer. Blessings.

  • Steve

    What does the modern era have to do with right vs wrong? Murdering a baby in the womb was wrong yesterday, is wrong today and will always be wrong. This is a law of God and thus can never be amended by His church.

  • Steve

    Kam counts.

    What does the modern era have to do with right vs wrong? Murdering a baby in the womb was wrong yesterday, is wrong today and will always be wrong. This is a law of God and thus can never be amended by His church.