Under God’s Banner

Today’s readings focus on two seemingly different stories: Isaac and the search for his wife Rebekah in the Old Testament, and the call of Matthew in the New Testament.

In the Old Testament, the story of Abraham and his covenant with God to be the father all nations continues after the death of Sarah. He needs to propagate the race through his son Isaac, now a young man. He chooses a wife for Isaac according to the plan of God.

In the New Testament, Jesus calls Matthew as part of the Lord’s plan to call disciples of different backgrounds and different states of life. God’s design is to call all of mankind under His banner.

Thus, the theme for today’s readings is about faithfulness to God’s plan, both in the case of Isaac in the Old Testament and the case of Matthew in the New Testament.

The issue of God’s plan includes how we treat the sinners, the disadvantaged, the marginalized. The Lord wants to give the downtrodden a full life of dignity as befits children of God.

How are we doing in terms of our faithfulness to God’s plan? Do we give enough time to think about this? Do we follow God’s plan in the way we treat the marginalized?