Ultimate Forgiveness

The Gospel today brings us to the room in Jerusalem where Jesus’
disciples were gathered together. Perhaps they were afraid of what
would come next; their Master was crucified. Or perhaps the disciples
were in confusion and repentance after that day for they did not
remain faithful to him to the end. The two disciples whom the Lord met
on the way to Emmaus were recounting their experience and how that
encounter affected their faith. Suddenly there appeared before them a
figure with an unrecognizable voice who greeted them: “Peace be with
you.” In their fright, the disciples perhaps could only think of a
ghost. The voice continues to speak: “Why are you troubled? Look at my
hands and feet. It is I myself. I have flesh and bones as you can see.
Have you anything here to eat?” It was the Lord. He is risen!

As Jesus brought peace to his disciples, he wants to bring this peace
to us also, so that we may become channels of his grace. As
Christians, do we believe that Jesus us risen? How does this
realization affect us?

Because of the forgiveness that we have received from him, would we
also be ready to forgive others? Would we be ready to show and preach
to others God’s peace and the teachings of his kingdom?