TV Networks Refuse Promotion of “Jews for Jesus” Video

by Chad Groening

(AgapePress) – Jews for Jesus has released a new video which chronicles the story of seven Holocaust survivors who went on to become followers of Jesus. However, national television networks are refusing to advertise it.

The 60-minute video is called Survivor Stories, which Jews for Jesus believes will have a strong impact on the Jewish community.

Executive director David Brickner says national secular magazines have carried full-page ads about the film, but television networks have balked, calling the film “too controversial.”

“They said, ‘You can’t talk about Jesus and the Holocaust in an ad on TV, it’s just too controversial.’ And of course, there’s a big myth out there that somehow Jesus and his followers are responsible for the Holocaust,” Brickner says. “We believe that that myth has served the ‘evil one.’”

Brickner says the film tears down the myth, pointing out how Jesus suffered His own Holocaust, by bearing the sins of the world.

He says he is very distressed that networks don’t consider all the filth on TV to be “controversial,” but refuse to promote a positive film about the hope of the Lord Jesus.

School Cross-Dressing Edict Outrages Delaware Father

by Chad Groening

(AgapePress) – The father of a 12-year-old Delaware boy says he is absolutely shocked that his son’s school wanted all its students to cross-dress one day last week.

When his son told him what was going on at Stanton Middle School outside Wilmington, David Masilotti wanted some answers.

And finally, after having to call the governor’s office, the superintendent of the Red Clay School District called him back and tried to downplay the whole matter.

“He’s trying to explain that this is just something innocuous like a dress-up day,” Masilotti says. “I tried to explain to this gentleman that there is no way I’m sending my son to school dressed as a girl. He told me at that point it wasn’t mandatory. I then explained to him that I’m not even going to allow my son to go to school that day.”

Masilotti believes the principal of the school is deliberately trying to push the homosexual agenda on the young, impressionable kids, and it’s no coincidence that this cross-dressing day coincides with a so-called “Gay Recognition Week.”

The Delaware father says he intends to either put his children in a private school, or home school them.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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