Turn to the Lord in Silence and Peace

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Psalm 130 presents the familiar theme of spiritual childhood. At its center we find the image of a young child peacefully resting in its mother's arms. This scene is in marked contrast to the arrogant attitude depicted at the beginning of the Psalm; an attitude the believer rejects in favour of humble trust in the Lord. Far from being blind or automatic, such abandonment is a conscious, serene and mature entrustment of self to God.

Just as the conclusion of the Psalm invites all Israel to hope in the Lord, we too place our hope in the one who gathers us to himself and offers us certainty, peace and life. But heeding the words of John Cassian, a Christian writer who lived at the turn of the fifth century, we must guard against conceit which destroys all virtues and afflicts most especially the powerful.

Let us make the Psalmist's words our own and turn to the Lord not with pride but in silence and peace.

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