True followers of Christ

In both scripture readings today, there is a pattern of life that is
clearly laid out for us. We need to accept the fullness of Jesus
Christ. We need to live and preach the fullness of Jesus Christ. Part
of the fullness of Jesus Christ is his suffering, and we need to
accept that.

In the first reading, St. Paul says, “It does not matter because life
does not matter to me anymore. All that matters is that I can finish
the task which God gave me and remain faithful to the Lord.” For
someone who truly believes, that is really all that matters, because
death is life.

If we are going to be true followers of Christ, it is not enough to
look at the cross from a distance and say, “I believe that Jesus did
that.” We have to go much deeper. Satan knows that Jesus died on the
cross. Satan knows that Jesus is God. Satan knows what the truths are,
but he rejected them and he did not live them. It is not enough to
believe in certain truths, but rather we must embrace the life and
mission of Jesus Christ. If we do this, then we know that we are going
to walk the same path as Jesus, St. Paul and all the other saints.
That means to be glorified with him in this world in order to be
glorified with him in the next, to be united with him on his cross so
that we can be united with him in his exaltation in heaven. That is
what this is all about.