In Troubled Times

The signs mentioned in today’s gospel seems happening today. We are indeed in troubled times. Just read the newspapers and you know what’s going on in the world: wars, famines, earthquakes, and new plagues. These events may frighten us, but they serve a purpose of merely trying to awaken us than to frighten us. In fact, the Lord tells us not to be afraid. We need to keep our faith firmly in place in order not to be easily deceived by the world. Jesus Christ is quite clear in asking us not to follow those who will be “anti-Christ.” Anti-Christ means to be anti-love. The false prophets will deceive us to deny the cross of Christ, and dwell in the fine stonework and rich gifts that the world may offer. So Christ breaks to us the reality that the temple and the world will not last. All is vanity, vain glory for those who put their trust in man and all his worldly extensions. The symbol of the Christian is the palm tree which can last in any weather and remains green. It means faith can withstand the onslaught of secularization, keeping clear the commandments of the Lord and maintaining a sound judgment with prudence and a mature conscience to guide our paths. We need to run the good race with the strength of the Holy Spirit until the very end.