Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ

For today’s meditation for the Easter season, read and pray over very attentively the Biblical passage of the Transfiguration—the forth Luminous Mystery. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you in a very special way. Be docile, open and willing to listen to the Word of God. Our Lady pondered meditated deeply the Word of God and she can help you to do the same!

Jesus willingly came to earth to share our human condition. Jesus has two natures: the Divine (He is God), the Human (He is man). The union of the two natures is the Incarnation. It was through Our Lady’s “Yes” that Jesus came down from heaven to earth and took on a human body. (Lk. 26-38)

We’d like to offer some images for reflecting on this great mystery.

The Formation of Jesus’ Body.  It was Our Lady, Mary most holy, who formed the sacred Body of Jesus within her womb during the course of nine months. Our Lady formed Jesus, giving to Him from her own body and substance His Blood, veins, arteries, eyes, lungs, and even His most Sacred Heart.


Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was Our Lady who formed the most Sacred heart of Jesus within her most pure womb for nine months. Turn to Our Lady and beg her to form your heart. Beg Our Lady to intercede for you with her most powerful prayers to purify, to mold, to recreate your heart so that it can become more and more like the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May we be able to say the words of Saint Paul, as a result of the intercession of Our Lady: “No longer I who live but it is Christ who lives in me.”

Friendship with Jesus. One of the many lessons that flow spontaneously from the Transfiguration of Jesus is that of human friendship.  Jesus ardently desired to enter into deep friendship with these men who chose—especially Peter, James and John. These were the three that accompanied Jesus as he ascended the mount of the Transfiguration. At the Last Supper Jesus will call them friends!

Walk and talk with Jesus. Jesus walked and talked to His Friends. Jesus wants to walk and to talk to you right now. Jesus wants to enter into a very deep friendship with you right now.

Mary and Friendship with Jesus.  There was nobody on earth, nor even in heaven, aside from God Himself, that ever had a deeper friendship with Jesus than His Mother Mary most holy.

Mary knew Jesus in the womb.  Nobody knew Jesus better than Mary. As mentioned earlier Mary formed Jesus within her womb during the course of nine months. No greater intimacy exists in this world, on a human level, than a baby being formed in the womb of his own mother.

Mary knew Jesus as a child. Jesus spent most of His life on earth with both St. Joseph and Mary in their home of Nazareth. Mary watched Jesus, contemplated Jesus, talked to Jesus, listened to Jesus, contemplated His face and His very eyes. This happened for thirty long years. Turn to Mary, as you strive to enter into deeper Friendship with Jesus, and beg her to help you to get to know Jesus better and better. Stop and talk to Our Lady now with total confidence. She is your mother and you are her child.

Santa María del Camino (Our Lady of the Way). There is a very well-known song in both Italian and Spanish with the title: “Santa Maria del camino”—Our Lady of the way!  As Jesus climbed the Mount of the Transfiguration and made His way to the top, to the summit, the Apostles walked with Him side by side. In your travels in life beg Our Lady to accompany you, to be with you, to never abandon you. Mary will always point you to Jesus. Mary will help you to climb with Jesus and enter into deep union with Him.

Calvary and Mary. Jesus climbing is symbolic of our climbing our own Calvary. We should never presume to have the strength to carry our cross by ourselves. Our Lady can help you every step along the way.  Life without Jesus and Mary can be very sad, depressed and even bitter. That is why we cry out to Mary in the prayer the Hail Holy Queen… “Hail holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.”

Pilgrim People. We are pilgrim people heading towards our eternal destiny—which is heaven.  As we climb the mountain towards our eternal destiny—heaven—Mary can guide us, help us encourage us, and comfort us. Spend some time now to talk to Mary about your past journey of life. Talk now to Mary about your present journey. Talk to Mary about your future journey—your future pilgrimage in life.

Star of the Sea. The great Marian Doctor Saint Bernard depicts this powerful image. The ship at sea is being assaulted by constant waves. The wind is beating mercilessly against its rudder. The waters are starting to enter in with a real danger of losing the ship, of the ship capsizing and eventually sinking. Then all of a sudden a beautiful star breaks through the night clouds and glimmers forth. This star seems to be pointing towards the shore. The captain, with great confidence, looks deep into the star and decides to follow it. The waves subside, the storm calms down, the winds abate. With almost unspeakable peace and swiftness the ship is already arriving safely at the shore. The ship, captain and all the members are saved. Thanks to the Star of the Sea.

In the midst of the tempests, storms, afflictions, trials, temptations constantly present in life, we must lift our gaze to Our Lady, star of the sea. She will safely direct us to the port of salvation, to our eternal home which is heaven.

The mountain top and the shore.  Both the mountain top of the Transfiguration as well as the shore are symbolic for heavenly rest at the end of the journey, by sea or by land. Jesus wants to walk with us, talk with us, be with us and to accompany us the whole way.  Our Lady also wants to keep us close to her on this perilous journey.

Distractions and Temptations. It is all too easy to give up the climb of the high and challenging mountain; it is all too easy to sink in the waves of our own sensuality and selfishness and to give up the fight. For that reason we want to call out to Mary who will always lead us to Jesus.  The devil has a mortal fear of Mary and even her Holy Name. Why not in moments of temptation to call upon the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

The Transfiguration’s many messages. The mystery of the Transfiguration has many powerful and deeply spiritual messages. The one that we have chosen is friendship with Christ and His mother, Mary.

Ignatian Note.  The Virgin that  Saint Ignatius of Loyola had special devotion to was “La Madonna de la Strada”—literally translated: “Our Lady of the street”, loosely translated: “Our Lady of the way.” In the Jesuit Mother House in Rome this beautiful image can be found.

In concluding your journey, your climb, your sea-journey with Jesus and Mary, spend some closing moments opening up your heart to its very depths and talk to Mary. Tell her all that is going on right now in your life. Ask her to be with you always, every step along the way until your reach heaven. The quickest path to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

image: Zvonimir Atletic /

Fr. Ed Broom, OMV


Father Ed Broom is an Oblate of the Virgin Mary and the author of Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary and From Humdrum to Holy. He blogs regularly at Fr. Broom's Blog.

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