Traditional Values, Activism Cited as Keys for Change

by Bill Fancher

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) – Virginia Republican Representative Frank Wolf has been a proponent of traditional family values for many years. He says they are the same values of the men and women who shaped America into the nation it is today. He believes Americans will forever be indebted to their faith in God and their courage to do what is right.

“In the first 150 years of our country, character, honesty, integrity, and courage were the things that we measured a person by. So don't be afraid to take the tough issues on,” Wolf says. “And if we are afraid, then that may very well be a sign … that we should still take them on.”

Wolf says a courageous attitude to do what is right will change the course upon which the nation is headed. He also believes that approach will be changing more than just the United States. “To change the world,” he says, “we need to be men and women of honesty and integrity and character and courage.” Wolf says if we invoke those values, we will never be afraid of taking on the tough issues of the day and doing what is right in God's sight.

Many of the tough issues today revolve around the political arena. Tony Nassif is with the Politics and Faith Institute. His goal is to encourage people of faith to become more active in politics.

“We have a mandate, not an option, to be politically active,” Nassif says. “God requires it, the Bible talks about it and specifies it, [and] early church history testifies to that, as well. And of course, contemporary issues reveal to us the need for a biblical [-based] morality to [address] America's issues and problems.”

Nassif says he is optimistic about the United States, and he sees a turnaround taking place that he thinks could lead to genuine revival. According to Nassif, polls show that three-fourths of the American people believe the number-one problem in America is a breakdown of morality. He insists that is the first step toward renewing spiritual commitment in America.

Kid-Oriented Store Chain Peddling Book With Adult Themes

by Rusty Pugh

Caution: This story contains subject matter not suitable for children.

(AgapePress) – A Connecticut grandmother wants to know why a store that is supposed to be geared toward children is selling books with adult themes dealing, with among other things, sex and alcohol.

Geraldine Kuczmarski says her granddaughter's favorite store is the Discovery Store in the Westfarms Mall in Farmington, Connecticut. Based on the Discovery television channel, the chain of stores has an educational theme that is appealing to many young children. But as her granddaughter browsed the store, Kuczmarski noticed a book entitled The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want, by Cameron Tuttle. Kuczmarski says it contained information on getting drunk and how to have many orgasms.

Alarmed, Kuczmarski approached the story clerk, who said they had no control over what was sold in the store. Randy Sharp is director of special projects for American Family Association. He contacted Discovery's director of communications, Kim Airhart, and ask why their store would carry such a book.

“Basically their response to us was in the form what I term a 'blow-off' letter,” Sharp says. “[The letter basically said] 'Thanks for your concern, but we're not changing policy.' They want to sound like they care and they're doing the right thing, but I was very disappointed in Discovery's decision to continue to sell a book which is very inappropriate for a family setting, which is the Discovery Store.”

Sharp says parents should be concerned that Discovery has no intention of removing the book.

“This grandmother has a legitimate concern. As a father, I have a concern,” he says. “I'm not sure that [I] or my children should go into a Discovery Store because we're not sure we can trust what's in there anymore. We thought we could, but now there's some questions. There's a red light flashing, and it's called a Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want.”

Discovery Stores are located in malls and airports nationwide.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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