Today’s Homily: The law of the Sabbath

Here we have a choice: the law of the Sabbath, or the spirit of Love. Jesus knows his priorities. It is MAN. God created the world, the creatures, the wild beasts and the birds of the air – and He said it was good. But when God created Man, He said it was VERY good. God created the world and all its creatures for man and not the other way around. God put the world under the feet of man, allowing man to dominate and be the ruler of the earth. The center of God was man. Man was the apple of the eye of God And the proof of this is that God even allowed man to stray, gave him free will and later on, was willing to allow His only Son, Jesus Christ to become man, assume human flesh, and to die for all the sins of Man, just in order to save Man. This is called LOVE. Love is higher than the law. While the law condemns, the spirit of love frees us. The law was created for man, and not man created for the law. We should realize that the immensity of God’s law is so strong, that God foregoes and turns a blind eye on all the laws to forgive us, spare us from Hell so we can join Him in Heaven. The wages of sin is death, but now our sins have been taken to the cross by His Son, and we have been forgiven. We were sentenced to death, but then Jesus Christ sat on the electric chair on our behalf and now we are free and alive because of this event – which is called LOVE for Man.

The Sabbath was created for man and not man for the Sabbath. And Jesus confirmed this in this Gospel. Let us not be scrupulous and just accept the mercy and love of God for all of us!


  • Steve

    thank-you. I needed to hear this at this time. God Bless You!

  • samhille

    LaSalette. God created the Sabbath for man!