To What Exactly Are You Faithful?

1 Cor 1:1-9 / Mt 24:42-51

Our culture is filled with examples of phony commitments. Couples live together, sneering at unimportance of “a piece of paper,” and splitting fast when something better comes along. Corps of lawyers are retained either to guarantee that any contract is breakable or to try to figure out how one’s counterpart is planning his escape. And so it goes.

No matter what the sphere of life, infidelity doesn’t work, and it leaves no one happy or at peace. God Himself provides us with a different model of living: He is absolutely faithful. Even when His fidelity is undeserved, He remains true and He calls us to do the same. For it is only in the faithful giving of ourselves, in season and out of season, that we shall ever find the joy and peace for which our hearts hunger.

Two questions will help to bring this reflection back to earth: First, are you faithful in your relationships, not just staying out of big trouble but actually bringing the love that is owed? And second, are you faithful to your gifts, cultivating, enjoying and sharing them with those who need them? (Following up on those two questions ought to keep us all out of trouble for quite a while!)