To the Challenge

They were all well impressed with him and marveled at the
eloquent words that he spoke…(Luke 4:22) The original Greek translation of
Luke 4:22 reads “and all bore witness about him and were astonished at the
works of grace…”

When Jesus read the Scriptures in Nazareth, people were already
watching him. What he said disturbed them and made them react so violently
toward him.

One thing we could say about Jesus is that he is very
purposeful. One would find that he does things for a reason. Here, he does not
beat around the bush. He tells them what is happening. He told them the truth;
that they did not really welcome him. This made them malevolent to the point of
pushing him off the cliff. Jesus knew this would happen but he did not retract.
He said what he said and bravely faced the crowd.

“Our own Catholic faith is tremendously challenging and
stretching. It is continually reminding us that God is bigger than the little
world we inhabit. Are we able to rise to the challenge?” – John Hemer, Jesus’
Rejection at Nazareth