To Give Glory

The religious leaders charged Jesus with blasphemy because he claimed to be the Son of God and he made himself equal with God. As they were picking up stones to hurl at Jesus, he met their attack with two arguments. First, he quoted from Psalm 82:6 and made claim that he was consecrated by the Father to a special task—he was sent into the world to carry out his Father’s mission. And second, he challenged his opponents to accept his works if they could not accept his words. The many good works that he did, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, and feeding the hungry, demonstrated that they obviously came from God.

Jesus was not trying to show off his miracle-working power nor wanting to claim any glory for himself. He just wanted them to see the Father’s love and give glory to his Father.

In the same way, our faith and love for Jesus must make us strive to let others see our good deeds, our words and acts of love, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation, so that seeing them, they too may give glory to our Father in heaven.

  • LovemyJesus

    Thank you. Thank you for putting into words what I have somehow been unable to convey….. I have been accused of showing off so many times because I share the gifts God has given me. At first I felt confident that the persecution was just more confirmation that I was doing something good for God, but as the years pass by, and my friends and support has dwindled down to almost none, your words today are like salve for my broken heart. Thank you for reminding the world that there are those out there who ARE genuinely sharing their life and their heart FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM. To give GOD GLORY. I just want the world to quit hurting, sinning, destroying God’s love. THANK YOU.