TMLC Condemns California Supreme Court’s Mandate of Homosexual Marriages – Vows to Fight in November

The Thomas More Law Center harshly condemned [Thursday’s] 4-3 ruling of the California Supreme Court, holding that the California Constitution requires recognition of same-sex marriages, in an unprecedented overturning of a citizen initiative statute protecting traditional marriage.  The three dissenters on the panel argued that the issue should have been left to the political process.Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center commented, “This outrageous ruling shows how our most cherished institutions are being destroyed by the tyrannical actions of an out-of-control judiciary.  The California Supreme Court took judicial activism to a whole new level.  When four judges can overturn the vote of the people protecting marriage, the Constitution’s guarantee of a Republican form of government becomes meaningless.  This battle is not over.”

Charles LiMandri, the Thomas More Law Center’s West Coast Director, has been named the General Counsel to the “National Organization for Marriage.”  This is the organization spearheading the California ballot initiative to amend the California state constitution to define marriage between one man and one woman only.  This ballot initiative recently submitted well over the required number of signatures to be placed on the November ballot.

LiMandri stated, “Thanks to the tireless efforts of the ‘National Organization for Marriage,’ and the many groups that have supported it, like the Thomas More Law Center, the courts will not have the final say on marriage in California – the people will in November.”

The Thomas More Law Center is in discussion with Charles LiMandri to determine what options are available in the meantime.  Richard Thompson commented, “There is the possibility that we may ask for a stay in the court’s ruling considering that between now and November it would be legal in California for same-sex couples to marry, and come November – if the amendment passes – it would be unconstitutional again.”

The Thomas More Law Center drafted Michigan’s constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, which was recently upheld by the Michigan Supreme Court.

You can read the Court’s opinion HERE.

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  • slbute

    To those of you who do not believe that your state should pursue a Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage between one man and one woman, take heed. This is not going away.

  • SuzanneMcConnell

    No, like “legalized abortion,” this is NOT going to go away..folks! We
    need to do all we can to pray and teach with love the Truth. God be with us
    and give us the Holy Spirit and Grace to do so. Amen.

  • Talked with our priest after Trinity Sunday Mass, and Fr. Thomas was so appalled and outraged at the California court decisions that he called it an “abomination.” He said he would rather lay down his life than let such an evil attack on our civilization go unopposed.