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shutterstock_157415900Begging isn’t the most respectable profession, but sometimes it’s required—especially when you work for a Catholic non-profit.

St. Dominic, whose intercession I seek every day, created an order that has often relied on begging. So too did St. Francis.  Forgetting his wealthy upbringing, he pleaded in Sister Snow in order to carry on his work.

I keep these two saints in mind because they serve as great models for what we’re trying to do here at Catholic Exchange—provide you and tens of thousands of Catholics each day the devotions and encouragement they need to live a fuller life in Christ.

Although Catholic Exchange is free, it is not free to produce.

That’s why we have to personally engage in the long Catholic tradition of begging in order to continue the soul-saving work we do.

Our costs are low.  As our president, Charlie McKinney, mentioned to you on Monday, we operate Catholic Exchange for only $60,000 per year.  That’s not much considering that we bring you four articles per day—more than 1,000 articles per year that help you practice your faith and grow in holiness.  But still it’s a hefty sum.

We need to raise $30,000 in this Christmas fundraising campaign, and we are still $25,000 short!

That’s why I’m urgently turning to you and asking you to visit our secure online donation form and make a gift to Catholic Exchange today?

Can you make a gift of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 or $5,000?

And will you consider becoming a monthly supporter of our work by choosing that option on the second line of our donation form?  There is no better way to support and sustain the work of Catholic Exchange than through your monthly donation.

With your help, Catholic Exchange can continue to bring souls to Christ while enlightening and encouraging others to grow in sanctity.

Please give, and please give today. And also, keep us in your prayers. They do much good and we appreciate them.


Visit this link to make a contribution today.

If you prefer to donate by mail, you may send a check to:

Catholic Exchange
PO Box 5284
Manchester, NH 03108

You may also make a donation by phone:



Michael J. Lichens


Michael J. Lichens is the Editor of Catholic Exchange. When he's not revising and editing, he is often found studying and writing about GK Chesterton, Religion and Literature, or random points of local history. He holds an A.M. from the University of Chicago Divinity School and a BA from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. You can find him blogging at Catholic Coffee Drinkers or find him on Twitter @mjordanlichens or facebook.

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  • KW

    Is there any chance you would consider accepting donations via PayPal?
    Thank you, and Merry Christmas.