Time for Friendship

First Reading: 1 Sm 18:6-9, 19:1-7
Psalm: Ps 56:2-3, 9-10a, 10b-11, 12-13
Gospel: Mk 3:7-12

One of the most beautiful relationships described in the bible is
the friendship between Jonathan and David. King Saul, the father of
Jonathan was nearly driven to insanity by jealousy and hatred for
David who was Jonathan’s bosom friend. Time and time again Jonathan
took the side of his friend David against the wishes of his own

Friendship is magic. It can transform the dull routine of everyday
life into something magical. Friends are capable of bringing out of
us our very best selves. Since friends are more ready to accept us
and forgive us our faults and failings, we are able to love, accept
and forgive ourselves. The mystery of friendship is that, in spite
of our selfishness, we are able not only to take but also to give.
In a time of busy and hectic schedules, friends are able to share
time together.

Jesus calls us friends. He initiated a friendship with his
followers, and that includes us. He offers us a much deeper and more
beautiful friendship than the one between Jonathan and David. Jesus
accepts us as we are. He forgives us seventy times seven times
without keeping count of how many times he has forgiven us. He is
always there for us. He always has time for us.

But the question is: Do we have time for Jesus? Friendship needs
time and patience to develop and deepen. If only we would take the
time to develop the friendship Jesus offers us, we would be able to
carry a smile on our face no matter what problems we are facing. As
Jonathan defended David before his father Saul, so Jesus takes our
side and defends us when we sinners approach our heavenly Father. We
should continually thank the Lord for his friendship. Our friendship
with Jesus will surely deepen the more we take time out to be closer
to Jesus in prayer, sharing our inmost feelings with him and
listening to what he has to say.