Homily of the Day

Thursday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

In our own lives, how many times have we let our temper and anger get the better of us? How many times have we gotten into arguments where our ears were closed to all reason, though the other side may have had valid points? How often have we insisted on having the last word in an argument or disagreement because of our pride and stubbornness?

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus teaches us to always take the higher ground. He teaches us to listen and to look the other with eyes of love and understanding. No argument is really won if it does not end in a reconciliation..

And so, if up to now you still harbor ill feelings towards someone, go and make the first move to make peace with him/her.  We hope that we are willing to say “sorry” even if the other side has refused to apologize. Indeed life is not about proving we are always right.

Oftentimes we need to reach out and dialogue, even if it means we swallow our pride. Only when we let love and humility prevail will we arrive at lasting peace and reconciliation.

Be ready to throw pride and grudges out of the window if we wish to be true disciples of Christ. We will find out that this is truly liberating.