Homily of the Day

Thursday of the First Week of Ordinary Time

“However, as soon as the man went out, he began spreading the news everywhere, so that Jesus could no longer openly enter any town. But even though he stayed in the rural areas, people came to him from everywhere.”  The leper cleansed of his leprosy, so joyful at his cure, despite Jesus’ instructions to the contrary, wished to share the news of his miraculous cure with all.  As a result Jesus felt restricted in entering towns with so many wishing to see him for cures.

So often in Mark’s Gospel we see our Lord telling beneficiaries of his cures and miracles not to announce his cures to the public:  we really do not know why.  Was the cleansed leper helping or hindering Jesus’ work by announcing his cure to all?

We can compare it with the story of a Lighthouse keeper who, desirous to help others, gave a poor couple oil for their needs from the lighthouse supply.  Many others came and were given oil from the lighthouse supply.

One night a terrible storm came and yet the lighthouse could not be lit because its oil supply had been given out in charity to many in need for their homes.  As a result, a number of ships lost their bearings and were dashed on the rocks, without the guidance of the lighthouse.

Are we sure that our seeming good actions are indeed good for us and are God’s will for us?

Prayer and communion with God can open our minds and hearts to know God’s will for us: he will lead and guide us to know what would be best for us.