Thomas More Law Center to File Brief Supporting Arizona’s Immigration Law

Following an American military adage to “ride to the sound of the guns, ” the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national, public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced today that it plans to file a brief in support of Arizona’s immigration law.

The Law Center’s announcement came just hours after Federal District Court Judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton–appointee, blocked the most important provisions of the law from taking effect.  Mexico and the ACLU intervened in the case in support of the federal government’s position.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vowed a swift appeal to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center, commented, “This is a matter of America’s sovereignty and security, and every patriotic American must get involved.  If we can’t defend our borders from attack by illegal immigrants, in time we will lose our country.  What confidence should we have in an Attorney General who, without even reading the law, accused Arizona of racial profiling?  Patriotic American must show they stand with Arizona in this matter.”

Continued Thompson, “Arizona has the right to protect the safety of its citizens and prevent the massive economic damage being done to its institutions by illegal immigrants who have no right to be in our country in the first place. It’s clear that the federal government is shirking its responsibilities to enforce the law for political reasons. So the legal issue becomes whether Arizona can step in and do the job with state laws consistent with federal law, or whether federal law has totally preempted the ability of Arizona to act.”

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  • fatherjo

    As an Arizona citizen, I would like to ask the Thomas More Center to keep its nose out of our business.

  • Joe DeVet

    As an American citizen, I say “we are all Arizonans now.” It is the business of all of us to take a stand on the issues of the Arizona law, since virtually all of us face the same issues and have the same concerns. And, as US citizens we will have to be involved in the resolution of these issues.

    First, there are constitutional questions of how federalism should work at stake. That affects us all. There is talk in my state (Texas) of seceding, over this issue and numerous others. (This talk is not to be taken seriously as a real threat to the Union, but the fact that it even is being mentioned out loud in some quarters is indicative of the depth of the common issues we face.)

    There’s the issue of Catholic social teaching–that the State has a right–and a duty–in the first instance to defend its citizens, including the duty to preserve the sovereignty of the nation. There is, in addition, a principle in Catholic social teaching called “subsidiarity.” What do citizens of an individual State do when the feds abdicate their duty to defend the nation, and compound the harm by bullying the State?

    There is also the underlying question of how to rationalize our immigration laws so that we have reasonable and just laws on the one hand, and effective and fair enforcement of those laws on the other. All of us must contribute to the cutting of this Gordian Knot. There are many possible solutions. All of them are politically difficult. But one thing is held in common by all solutions which can be taken seriously–they start with the effective defense of our borders.

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  • fatherjo

    Hey Joe, I’ll believe you’re an Arizona citizen when you start paying our 9% sales tax and state income tax.