There is No Middle Road

Our own personal decision to follow Jesus will bring us face-to-face with struggles from within and without, and both will challenge that decision. Sometimes, even our nearest and dearest friends will not understand, and may even reject us. Even then, our determination to follow Jesus must remain intact. There is no middle road to Jesus. Jesus forces us to make some fundamental and basic options in life. No one can be indifferent to Jesus. We are either for him, or against him. Jesus is the rock against which generations of men and women have clashed, and continue to clash. Whoever does not love Jesus, winds up hating him. Jesus is such a challenge to our pride and love of comfort, that we either love him and hate our selfishness, or we cling to our selfishness and wind up becoming indifferent and opposed to him. This is the biggest cross: our own self-denial, loving Jesus above all things, including our very self.