There at the Foot of the Cross

The Apostle John stands at the foot of the Cross with Our Lady on Calvary. John is the sole witness among the Twelve to Jesus' crucifixion, and the only evangelist to record his cry of thirst (see Jn 19:28). Yet we can presume that he already had a rela­tionship with Mary, who in turn led him to the Cross on Good Friday. We know that John, too, had run away in fear, just like the others, as Jesus had predicted (see Mt 26:31). But John, recognizing his weakness, at some point along the way found Our Lady amid the crowd on the Via Dolorosa. In her he found a love, a strength, and a serenity that surpassed his own, and a heart to open his own to the words he alone among the Twelve would hear. Our Lady brought John to faithfulness, and to witness the thirst of her Son. This is what she did for Mother Teresa. This is what she offers to do for every disciple.

This, then, is a lesson for us. We cannot presume to persevere in bearing our crosses, counting on our own strength and goodwill alone, as St. John had presumed to do. Without an intimate relationship with Our Lady, the command to pick up our cross daily and follow the Lord will prove too difficult and demanding. We may indeed love Jesus deeply, as St. John surely did, or as St. Peter did, warming himself at the fire. But we will fail and fall before the scandal of the Cross when it threatens to touch us, if we face it by ourselves. Without Our Lady, we would be as St. John alone on Good Friday, alone before the crosses of life, oblivious of Jesus in our midst. In times of trial, we are often like the poor in Mother Teresa's vision, covered in darkness, unaware that Jesus is there in the midst of us.

Without the fidelity Our Lady gave St. John, the Church would never have heard the words "I thirst"; and without the fidelity she gave to Mother Teresa, the world would not have heard those words, or seen them lived out, today. So the cycle of grace is completed. Surrounded by the poor, Mother Teresa stands with Our Lady before Jesus crucified. In his thirst for her love and theirs, for her soul and theirs, Christ sends her out to search for those who still wait, "covered in darkness." And the cycle will begin again, going with Our Lady to the poor to find the cru­cified Lord in their midst and to bring them to him. It is these three – the poor, Jesus crucified, and Our Lady­, who rest at the heart of Mother Teresa's remarkable God­-given grace and mission.

Fr. Joseph Langford , MC (Mother Teresa in the Shadow of Our Lady)

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  • nativity

    Many speculate whether Jesus had “other brothers” fathered by Saint Joseph and mothered by Blessed Mary. John the Evangelist is living proof that Jesus had no biological “brothers” for if you reason why did Jesus entrust his mother to John at the foot of the cross instead of his “supposed biological brothers: there can be no doubt that Jesus had no biological brothers and so that is why he chose John the Evangelist to care for his Blessed Mother as he passed out of this world. John cared for the Blessed Mother on the Isle of Patmos off the coast of Greece until the Assumption of the Blessed Mother while presumably writing Revelations. Also if Jesus were (hypothetically) married to Mary Magdalene, then he would have entrusted the care of his Blessed Mother to Mary Magdalene. Rather in fact, Jesus was never married to anyone and so entrusted the care of his Blessed Mother to John the Evangelist. Christ explained to Saint Peter when he asked Jesus what is the fate of John the Evangelist to which Jesus replied that if he had other plans for John then what is that to Peter?

  • william

    thank you so much for the information on jesus especially the blessed mother, i knew no brothers existed for jesus and many have always asked me of mary magdalene and i only answered with my faith,no i can give some a detailed explanation…thank you

  • william

    thank you so much for the information on jesus especially the blessed mother, i knew no brothers existed for jesus and many have always asked me of mary magdalene and i only answered with my faith,now i can give some a detailed explanation…thank you

  • we must trust in our faith,dogma is a big word for some.!!! i choose to believe of course that Christ had no brothers other than by faith, as we all do. the mary magdalene theory is proposterous. we choose to believe what we feel. our mother is a saint in all meaning of the word,she is the QUEEN of the world in heaven and on earth,she had no children and no relations period with st joe or any other man,that is why she is the mother of GOD.OUR lady was as white as the driven snow why cant we incorporate this in our lives and our hearts?Many falsehoods have beed dreamed up along the way,we need to believe what is in our hearts which is what jesus put there,which is TRUTH.All things should be lived by and done as if jesus waqs sitting right in front of us which he is and consider ask him these questions we ponder upon,think what he would say to you,would you ask him these questions or would you drop on your face and beg him for forgiveness for even questioning his love and his heart. pray for us father!

  • hari001

    Thank for the information, most of the things were new for me.


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