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The Way of Beauty with David Clayton

Beauty has a way of enriching our spiritual life and that is why it’s played such an important role in the history of Christianity. But how can beauty, specifically sacred art, assist you in your own prayer life? Michael Lichens sits down with David Clayton to answer this very question, which is something he’s undertaken extensively with his vocation as a writer and teacher. Through his new book The Way of Beautyas well as through his and Leila Marie Lawler’s book The Little OratoryDavid demonstrates how beauty can bring a new and powerful dimension to your prayer and liturgical life and truly involve our your senses.

Today’s interview answers the questions of why beauty matters and the reasons that even you should take an interest in sacred art. This promises to be an informative and intriguing interview that will be a great spot to begin to bring beautiful things into your own life.


David’s latest book, The Way of Beauty, can be found through Angelico Press as well as Amazon.

Along with his latest book, David also co-authored The Little Oratory with Leila Marie Lawler, which brings many of the themes into your own home.

David also writes here at Catholic Exchange as well as The New Liturgical Movement.

The Way of Beauty is David’s Blog where you can learn more about his mission as well as read his latest thoughts on art, beauty, and nature.

Find David on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with his travel schedule, talks, and latest articles.

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