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The Seven Deadly Sins: An Interview with Kevin Vost, Psy D.

Today Michael sits down with author Dr. Kevin Vost to discuss his new book, The Seven Deadly Sins. Along with our discussion about his book, Dr. Vost tells us the history of the deadly sins and how the Church Fathers and Thomas Aquinas give us the tools to overcome each of them. Whether it’s gluttons, anger, or pride, Kevin shows us the many resources that the Church makes available to us to conquer our sins through Christ and to become a more mindful, confident person who excels in the virtues.


Kevin Vost can be found at drvost.com.

Kevin’s new book, The Seven Deadly Sinsis available in paperback or ebook from Sophia Institute Press.

Dr. Vost has written numerous books, many of which you can find through Sophia Institute Press.