The Resurrection of the Dead

Reading 1 Rv 11:4-12

Responsorial Psalm Ps 144:1, 2, 9-10

Gospel Lk 20:27-40

This Gospel speaks of the resurrection of the dead and it gives us some inclination as to what the status of spouses will be in the next world. The Gospel says that in the resurrection of the dead people do not marry because they no longer die and are the same as angels and sons of God.

Today’s Gospel invites all of us to look at our lives seriously. Jesus mentions “the children of this world,” referring, of course, to our existence on earth, whom he contrasts with the “children of the resurrection” – those who have risen to new life. Clearly, we are called to participate in the promise of the resurrection. But before reaching the promised resurrection there is judgment that will determine whether one is worthy or not of being a child of the resurrection. We must also focus their attention on the resurrection of the dead. Life with Jesus Christ in heaven should be our objective. It must also be the center point in our efforts to raise the children God has given us. This goal presents us with a tremendous challenge. For the world around us proposes to us an entirely different way of raising children: pursue happiness now, live life to the fullest here on earth.

This daily battle can be won through prayer and with the help of the Holy Spirit who gives us the strength, perseverance and courage to persist in our struggle. It is truly good news to know that our God is the God of the living and that his Son Jesus Christ has overcome all temptations and has trod a path for us to follow.