The Resurrection


What miracle was made inside the tomb?
What transformation, wonder of deliverance?
What tree of Jesse growing from what stem?
What new creation rising from a chrysalis?

As I am blind to see inside a stone,
Deaf to hear the music of the dawn,
Touchless to compare the moon and sun,
Speechless to describe transfiguration

How can I express that moment's length
When death before became a living after,
When three dimensions, length and breadth and width
Joined again with time to make a Savior

What thrushes sang, what morning flowers opened,
What sunlight spread its runners on the grasses
For Jesus Christ to step on and be welcomed?
What coronation for a King who passes?

And yet it was so quiet in the garden —
The motes of dust, the insects in the air —
It seemed as if our Savior was a workman
And nothing more than ordinary there

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