The Questions that Got Bill Clinton All Riled Up Against Pro-Lifers

A video clip of former U.S. President Bill Clinton lashing out at pro-life students from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, which was featured on the Drudge Report and brought youtube hundreds of thousands of viewers,  exposed a rarely seen irate Clinton. spoke today with David Vogel, the man whose questions sparked the angry outburst from Clinton.  The YouTube video records only Clinton's irate response, a transcript of which was posted on a few hours after he made them.  "I gave you the answer. We disagree with you," Clinton began in his tirade.

Vogel, a resident of Steubenville and a Catholic recording artist who regularly performs at Franciscan University, told that at one point during Clinton's speech he was talking about what his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was doing for child protection.  "What about the thousands who are being aborted," asked Vogel, who could be heard by Clinton, as he was only about 10 feet from the stage.  Clinton turned in response, saying, "I'll answer that, you wait and hold your sign, and I'll answer that." 

Signs were being held by University students standing with Vogel.  One such sign read "Abortion Kills Children", which Vogel notes as a providential coincidence given his line of questioning. 

According to Vogel, Clinton went on with other subjects and eventually began speaking about child health care and mentioned Bush's "no child left behind" program.  Recalled Vogel, "I hollered: 'No child left behind? What about the 4000 plus children that are scheduled for abortion tomorrow. They are people too and we want answers.'"

At that point, recalls Vogel, Clinton turned, pointed his finger, and began his now infamous tirade.  After beginning with "I gave you the answer," which, says Vogel, Clinton did not, Clinton continued: "You wanna criminalize women and their doctors and we disagree. I reduced abortion. Tell the truth, tell the truth, If you were really pro-life, if you were really pro-life, you would want to put every doctor and every mother as an accessory to murder in prison."  (for the rest see the coverage here: )

Vogel had no chance to respond as Clinton had the stage, the microphone and a cheering crowd of abortion supporters rallying behind him.

However, when asked how he would have responded, Vogel said he liked the line used by Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee: "I have no desire to throw women in jail, I just want to stop throwing babies in the garbage."

Asked who he supported for President, Vogel said that since "we're down to four," referring to Clinton, Obama, McCain and Huckabee, "I feel the most comfortable with Huckabee and next to him would be McCain.

Some of Vogel's music can be sampled on his website:

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  • Guest

    I wonder how Mr. Clinton would respond to a sign reading "Women deserve better." 

  • Guest

    When dealing with pro choice advocates (their phrase, not mine) …. I like to put it in terms they can relate to .. such as:

    * How many future presidents have we innocently aborted? 

    * How many nobel  peace prize candidates have not been born? 

    * How many science discoveries have been delayed or lost  ….

    They seem more frightened at these than just yelling words at them.


  • Guest

    Is anybody really surprised at Bill Clinton's irate non-response? If there is anything the "abortion debate" has taught me over the years is that abortion supporters seem incapable of responding to pro-life challenges in a rational manner. They certainly aren't interested in "dialogue." Rather they (Bill Clinton is sooooo typical) always answer a question with a question (usually with a "red herring" line like, "So you want to criminalize abortion and throw thousands of women and doctors in jail?" and similar retorts). One would have a better chance of success trying to conduct rational discussions in an insane asylum with the inmates than expect a reasoned response to a pro-life challenge from a group of "abortion rights" advocates.

  • Guest

    I do not know if our old poster Jakes still reads these threads, but he had a very good, simple program of a few signs, reading things like

    Abortion = Truth Denied

    Abortion = Hope Abandoned

    Abortion = Love Crushed

    Abortion = Faith Lost

    I'm going off of memory, but I think that's close.  Anyway, they are very short, simple bumper sticker type signs which are so profoundly obvious that they could get even the most rationailizing, nuanced relativist thinking.

  • Guest

    PRO-ABORTIOn, not pro-choice, please – stop using their words


    men who cheat on their wives and treat women like garbage, really don't care much about children anyway

    unless they vote???

    bill clinton should be in jail for his attacks – physical – against women, with that terrible temper of his

    and hillary should be in prison for her own criminal acts

    why are people surprised?  dick morris just talked about his own beat down by the Prez years ago

    the man is an animal