The Power of Suggestion

"Do you want fries with that?"  While this familiar line may drive us up the wall, McDonald's demonstrates another stroke of genius- when you suggest something that is desired, you will take action.

As it relates to personal productivity, what tools and strategies can you use to leverage more "suggestions" so as to maximize greater action?  Some ideas might include:

-type up your mission statement and post on your desk or fridge

-use "self talk" to remind yourself that you are productive, streamlined and effective

-insert a catch phrase onto your cell phone screen

The key is this: remind yourself to keep moving and keep at whatever task you're working on at the present moment.  My brother Paul pastes inspirational quotes on every imaginable place, from his TV to the top of a workout machine.  I currently have three key phrases at my desk: be a quick communicator, one thing at a time, and prepare for success.  Those are my building blocks for the next few months.

To the degree that we can use the power of suggestion, good things will follow.  Oh and by the way, the next time you are in a McDonald's drive through, just decline, smile and remind yourself of the many gifts God has given today.

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