The Pope is Showing Us the Way

Pope Francis 2If anyone thinks that Pope Francis is going to gradually lose his momentum and zeal to preach the Gospel as successor of Saint Peter, they are very much mistaken.

Consider the invitation to his 1.4 billion-member flock — a first in Church history — to simultaneously join him in one hour of Eucharistic Adoration last Sunday. He wanted the Church to place its focus on Jesus, the source and summit of our Faith. Jesus is the source of all we do and will accomplish.

Pope Francis is showing us the Way to our Father.

Pope Francis’ unannounced participation in Rome’s March for Life on May 12 was also momentous. He used this occasion not only to encourage the 40 thousand people gathered to persevere in their necessary efforts on behalf of life, he also extended a personal invitation to all the world to join him on June 15 and 16 as the Church reflects on Blessed John Paul II’s encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) — a document dedicated to the ardent defense of human life.

These events speak volumes about the Holy Father’s passion and determination to keep front and center the mission of the Church and the responsibility of every disciple to fully and actively participate in evangelization. These events challenge us as disciples of the Lord Jesus to personify in our daily lives the precious gift of salvation, the joy it offers, and the necessity of defending life and its dignity in every stage and circumstance — from the moment of conception until natural death. By elevating these events to the global stage, Pope Francis stands in the midst of his brothers and sisters, reminding all of the transforming power of Jesus Christ — the Word made flesh — the Savior of the world. Furthermore, he challenges the baptized to tirelessly and courageously live the gift of faith in the midst of daily life.

Why are these events so important, so crucial to the integrity of the Church’s proclamation of the Gospel? Our Holy Father is courageously reminding us that the Church stands in solidarity with every person who suffers from temporal or spiritual impoverishment. As universal shepherd, he is telling the world that the Church’s mission to proclaim God’s generous mercy and justice must be witnessed by her faithful.

Pope Francis is showing us the Way to evangelize.

Pope Francis has consistently challenged those of us, both in the Church and outside the Church, who are indifferent to the plight of their brothers and sisters to remember our accountability towards our neighbors. His gaze and influence has also been directed to those holding authority in the temporal sphere, reminding them of their responsibility to uphold God’s commands while deciding laws that support the common good.

Some have claimed that the Holy Father is shaking the proverbial cage. I agree. We are all affected by his example. Status quo is not acceptable or permissible. Prayer and action is demanded if we are going to be leaven in society. The universal call to holiness and adherence to the full teachings of Christ and His Church are not optional or negotiable. Every aspect of human life is to be enlightened by the light of Christ.

The theme for the day celebrating Evangelium Vitae is “Believing, May They Have Life.” The Holy Father knows the remedy for healing the wounds of the culture. It begins with fidelity to Jesus and His Church, closeness to the sacraments, prayer, holiness, and virtuous living by all the baptized — clergy and laity.

Let us pray for our Holy Father and all who will gather in Rome next Saturday and Sunday. Let us pray for conversion and renewal within the Church so she may be leaven within the dough giving rise to the culture’s genuine transformation. Let us also thank the Almighty Father for the example and leadership of Pope Francis as we humbly request the intercession of Blessed John Paul II to aid the Holy Father and us in our efforts to build a Culture of Life and Civilization of Love.


This article was originally published in Spirit and Life, the e-column for Human Life International.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet


Fr. Shenan J. Boquet is the President of Human Life International.

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  • JMC

    Part of the problem is, as so many others have already attested, the types of entertainment materials available. Where do we find good examples of people living Christian lives? Unless you subscribe to the Christian stations…which, I have to admit, sometimes overdo it a bit…Nowhere. When I was a kid, books taught currently “outmoded” concepts like obedience to authority, except when it contradicted the law of God. Even my earliest catechism classes taught us that there was no sin if we disobeyed our parents when they tried to get us to do something we knew was wrong – indeed, the sin would have been in obeying.
    Today, if someone living a Godly life is portrayed, it’s usually as an object of ridicule. I posit that not only does modern entertainment not portray moral living, but also actively discourages it.

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Francis is all show. He looks great to the naked eye, doing all the right things, saying all the right things. But there is something lurking there if you read between the lines. He is a Jesuit, a socialist, and a liberation theologist. And worse, a Mason of the oldest Italian line. Yes, Italian. He is about as Argentinian as Gina Lollobrigida. Soon we’ll see, as he begins to show his spots.

  • kneeling catholic

    Fr. Duffy!

    please read Hugh Benson’s ‘Lord of the World’. It can be obtained for free on Kindle. I mention it because, according to Sandro Magister, the Holy Father likes to quote from it. It is an apocalyptic novel where the villains and the anti-christ are socialist masons, some of whom had infiltrated the Church.

    so you are saying that Pope Francis likes this novel because he sees himself as a realization of the novel’s villains?

    I think you are throwing calumny around!

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    I am not throwing anything around. Look at his record – in his writings and his actions. He is a socialist and a liberation theologist. I can’t absolutely prove he is a Mason. But I believe he is one. One way or another, we will see for sure before this year is out. If he starts making major changes to the Liturgy, or softens his stance on homosexuality, or advocates government imposed redistribution of wealth, then we better all get down on our knees and join you in prayer.

  • atsa4you

    Perhaps we can start healing the “wounds of the culture” right in Rome with Vatican Radio:

    Vatican Radio Applauds Bold Lesbian Film Blue is the Warmest Color reviewed by Barbara Maczek

    The highest prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival on Sunday (May 26) went to Abdellatif Kechiche’s sexually graphic lesbian drama La Vie d’Adele (known in English as Blue Is the Warmest Color, or just Blue).

    A bold lesbian film wins the top prize at the Cannes festival In it, Adele is a 15-year old girl who becomes involves in a romance with Emma, a blue-haired art student at a nearby college (hence the title Blue … ). Much of the three-hour screen time is pornographic, where the young women engage in prolonged steamy lesbian sexual interactions. So steamy, in fact, that even at Cannes it shocked some critics, who suggested the film may require some editing before it is released in cinemas.

    Now, it is not shocking to me that the Cannes jury led by Stephen Spielberg – a director known for his occult tastes and a promoter of same-sex “marriage” – should choose this pornographic lesbian romance to receive the top price.

    What is shocking is that Vatican Radio should applaud the decision and praise the lesbian film. Its Cannes correspondent had this to say about Blue:

    “Adele reads Marivaux [in her literature class] and is questioning her sexuality. She feels the stirrings of strong emotions inside her body, but not yet a fatal attraction, an affinity that binds one human being to another. In the meantime comes the test – first one and then others – to see if she can perhaps find what she seeks in female sexuality. Then love comes in a look, a shared pleasure, a vague desire to live the other person in the deepest way possible.” (1)

    Is this the message the Vatican Radio – which calls itself “the voice of the Pope and the Church” – wants to send to Catholics? To forget about the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance? To forget about the Ten Commandments and follow the stirrings of passion in the body and the feelings of the heart?

    What is more, for the film and for Vatican Radio, if those stirrings and feelings lead a young man or woman into experimentation with homosexuality, then so be it. The important thing is to be honest with yourself. The important thing is love.

    Now, this is the opposite of what the Catholic Church always taught us: that the sentiments or feelings must be conquered and won by the will under the guidance of an intellect enlightened by the faith. That we don’t always do what we feel, that love is not feelings, but the will to do good for another moved by a higher love for God. In addition, that good must be governed by the law of God, which strictly forbids all sexual activity outside marriage, and especially any unnatural sexual activity such as homosexuality, a mortal sin before which the Angels cringe.

    Vatican Radio praises the explosive sex scenes played
    by the two young actresses Today’s worldly Vatican Radio seems to have forgotten Catholic Catechism in its enthusiasm to have a seat at the Cannes Festival, hobnobbing with stars while viewing the latest in the films exploring sex, violence and emotional anguish that were vying for the coveted Palme d’Or film awards.

    Was its review just motivated by the desire to fit in with the modern world? Was it a reflection of the Vatican’s soft stance on homosexuality? Or was it executing a deeper aim in the Progressivism agenda, that wants to completely invert Catholic Morals – making what was wrong be accepted as right and vice-versa?

    Vatican Radio goes on to praise the performances of the actresses, affirming that the story is “performed by two formidable actresses (Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos), staged with a fluidity that makes the time pass easily, filled with unforgettable scenes of explosive feelings” (2)

    And just what were those unforgettable explosive feelings? We get a good idea from other reviewers: “The most explosively graphic lesbian sex scenes in recent memory. The audience is spared nothing,” one tells us. “Trying out almost every position imaginable and blurring the line between simulated and unsimulated acts, Exarchoupoulos and Seydoux make love with increasing abandon,” another reports.

    We are told by the Vatican Radio to admire these young women for their disgusting display of unnatural activity, for their blatant disregard of all morality, much less propriety. We are supposed to applaud their mortal sin. Instead, these actresses should be severely censured, not praised.

    A rigorous censure of Vatican Radio also should be forthcoming for its praise of Blue, unless, of course, the Pope is in agreement with this yet another shameful concession to the Modern World.

  • iggram

    I agree with kneeling catholic that you are throwing calumny
    around. If you did your homework you
    would see that Pope Francis does not espouse the ideas of Liberation Theology. Actually as Fr Frederico Lombardi has stated`
    Bergoglio has always referred to the INSTRUCTIONS OF THE CONGREGATION FOR THE
    DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH`. He Has always
    rejected violence because he knows that the weakest always pay the price. As Cardinal he distanced himself from this
    group and always encouraged the priests of his province to seek justice and
    defend the care of the poor but always in ways that were faithful to the
    teachings of the Church and which was fully grounded in charity. His focus was and is on the poor and on alleviating
    suffering but in a non-violent way.

    Another error in your statement “if he starts making major
    changes to the liturgy or soften his stance on homosexuality` And what are you
    insinuating here since no pope yesterday, today or tomorrow can change the
    Church`s constant teaching re: homosexuality and its aberration. As to changes in the Liturgy I`m not sure
    what you mean by major changes. First
    the structure of the Mass does not change.
    What can change is the style of language we use and pray with. Second no
    part of our belief system will change and I suspect that is what your
    intimation is here. You seem to forget
    that Christ Himself instituted the Mas and the Eucharist and that the Mass is
    only valid if a validly ordained priest celebrates it with the valid matter,(
    bread and wine), and valid form, (the proper words of the Prayer of
    Consecration). This cannot change but
    beyond this, the Mass may be revised according to the charism of the infallible
    authority of the Magisterium in the areas of various customs, prayers and matters of smaller tradition within the Mass.

    You also seem to forget that it is the Holy Spirit who
    guides the Church in major and minor matters for the good of the faithful and which we are called to obey.

    It might do you some good to take a course in Catholicism
    101. Plus who gives you the right to calumniate
    this man based on personal opinion about him being a mason is. Do you know that calumny is a grave sin. If anyone should get on their knees it is you.

  • atsa4you
  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Wow, that was a mouthful. I reserve the right to form an opinion about any mortal man. Including Francis. And don’t lecture me about the judicial aspects of catholicism. I am an attorney who has studied Canon Law extensively. The Pope has the bully pulpit and the force of his office. He has the ability to form catholic minds beyond any living person. And he, and his inner circle, have the power to change the strictures and practices of the Faith. But like I said above, we shall see by his actions if I am right. And one more thing, I bet I spend more time on my knees than you do, flower. Who’s flinging calumnies around now?

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Res ipsa Loquitur.

  • inez

    I Love Pope Francis More And More Every Day, his Humility Compassion and Love for his fellow man is Christlike..

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Just the beginning, I fear.

  • iggram

    I don`t care who or what you are and by the same measure
    don`t lecture me on the fine points of my faith. You sound like a disgruntled Catholic. Take your complaints to the confessional my friend
    sounds like you are in desperate need of it.

    And yes you are free to form an opinion about anyone but
    remember we are judged on this. And further
    more your opinion is just that YOUR OPINION and personally my opinion is that
    yours is very a very biased and a maligned one.

    And how would you know how much time I spend on my
    knees. Must be nice to be God and be
    privy to someone else life especially someone you don`t know.

    Plus your arrogance is overbearing and no I don`t give to
    hoots that you have studied Canon Law extensively. You are certainly not any wiser for it.

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Take a look in the mirror. Everything you accuse me of is reflected in the substance and tone of your comments. Isn’t your problem that you have been shown to be a fool by the clear evidence that Francis is avowed liberation theologist, and a leveling socialist? Look, flower, you started the ad hominem attacks, not me. So quit with the ‘whipped dog” complex and be a man. The final arbiter in this argument will be time, as time will tell who is right. Let’s agree to convene a year from now and discuss the theological changes, if any, Francis institutes. In the mean, time run along and lick your wounds.

  • iggram

    My, my sounds like someone`s ego is bruised. It also sounds like your heart is full of
    hate. I will pray for you especially if you are a Fr. Mr. Duffy.

    Everything you say here is merely your opinion and not one
    you can prove.

    I think in a year from now you will be eating humble pie.

    As for me I will continue to stand behind Francis or any
    other man sitting in the Chair of Peter.

    By the way no need to lick any wounds since I have none!

  • atsa4you

    iggram, You are correct that there are many “disgruntled catholics”, but we certainly differ in why we are each disgruntled. I am disgruntled by the “pablum” and feel good ecumenism, we are fed by the Vatican in the desire to please everyone, and offend nobody. That long list includes atheists, proponents of same sex marriage, offering the Holy Eucharist to politicians and for that matter, anyone and everyone that supports abortion, Muslims who want kill us as infidels…come one, come all to the Catholic Church. Is it any wonder many of us are “disgruntled”?? All of this was foretold in prophecy and would result in what we have in Rome. I am distinguishing here between the Holy Catholic Church and the Church Administration, the same administration that withheld from the world the real third secret of Fatima after telling us all “everything is cool” just a tall tale spun by a crazy bunch of kids…not! Read this article carefully and prayerfully, and then defend Cardinals Bertone and Sodano….Come Lord Jesus!

  • iggram

    Now I see
    where you are coming from. You are a
    follower of Grunner, that priest whose faculties have been suspended and his
    appeal of that suspension rejected by the Church`s highest court. Let me say that Fr. Grunner is not the Magisterium so his opinion on the matter is irrelevant.
    This man is not under the authority of any bishop and is obedient to
    none. And you think someone should take
    his word over that of the Church. I don`t think so!

    It`s also obvious that Fr. Grunner thrives on controversy it`s the only way he can stay well to cease and desist and go to a monastery and do penance for his sin of
    disobedience and his constant attacks against the Pope.

    He too will have to render an account of his actions.

    Here I quote.

    Contrary to
    `Grunner`s opinion The Third Secret of Fatima was revealed in its

    The detailed Commentary on the Fatima Secret issued by the
    Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, upon the order of Pope John Paul II,
    should be accepted as complete as the release itself says it is. The Holy See and the the Faith do not play games when it is announced before the Pope himself and
    Sr. Lucia as well as hundreds of thousands of pilgrims: “In order that the
    faithful may better receive the message of Our Lady of Fatima, the Pope has
    charged the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with making public the
    third part of the ‘secret,’ after the preparation of an appropriate commentary.”

    Because of those who questioned whether the third part of the secret was released in its entirety I wrote to the Rector of the International Shrine at Fatima where Our Lady appeared to get his reaction. He responded as follows:

    “Thank you for your messages received on last February. Regarding the question of the ” revealed by the Vatican], I have to say that I know nothing further to what was published, my conviction being:

    1. The Holy See would have, in all certainty, affirmed the fact, if the whole text had not been published.

    2. On regarding the text one can see that it is complete.

    Best regards and a prayer for your Apostolate.

    P. Luciano Guerra, Rector Santuario De Nossa Senhora De Fatima.

    Why did the Rector of the Sanctuary of Our Lady at Fatima write the above?

    Well! If we look in the official Commentary which was ordered to be given by the Pope together with the third part of the Secret we see as follows that it is being released “in its entirety.”

  • atsa4you

    Read the article. Your reply is like listening to White House “talking points”. Your eyes are closed to the truth. Also, its Gruner, unless you are just adding to your dossier of disrespect for anyone that disagrees with you. Bertone and Sodano are a disgrace, and each were equally complicit in this scandal, like it or not.

  • atsa4you

    Also, for those of you who are about the truth, listen to these videos: