The Place of Money

Reading 1 Phil 4:10-19

Responsorial Psalm Ps 112:1b-2, 5-6, 8a And 9

Gospel Lk 16:9-15

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us how he views money. For Jesus, money is a little thing. What is important for Jesus is eternal life: divine goods, spiritual riches. Jesus advises us to be good managers, responsible stewards of money, so that we may be worthy of managing more important affairs of a spiritual order.

For Jesus, money is often a symbol of dishonesty. Jesus simply agrees with popular common sense. Money, which is difficult to acquire and the consequence of work, may have perhaps been the fruit of oppression, and miserliness. Dishonesty is, in this matter, especially serious, for it deprives others of what is theirs by right.

For Jesus, he prefers that money be used to serve others and thus become a symbol of love. This ultimately is the deepest meaning of the parable of the cunning manager. Jesus seems to be telling us: so much the better if your treasure chest is getting filled, provided it gets empty in the service of God and people.

Jesus does not want a little, He wants All