The Peace of Christ

First Reading: 2 Sm 12:1-7a, 10-17
Psalm: Ps 51:12-13, 14-15, 16-17
Gospel: Mk 4:35-41

In the first reading, David had sinned not only by taking Uriah’s
wife but also when he purposely sent Uriah to die in battle. It
seemed apparent that David was not discerning clearly, as far as
this matter was concerned. Nathan was reminded by God to admonish
David. He started by telling David a parable of the rich man who
would take the beloved ewe of the poor man in order to feast with
his friend. David was burned with anger at Nathan for telling him
this story. But still, Nathan persisted and pointed out to David
that he had become such a person. As a result of Nathan’s
persistence, David admitted that he had sinned. Nevertheless, David
had to bear the anger of God and as a result lost his son.

In our own personal lives, do we sometimes wish that a “Nathan”
would remind us what God has given us and also to help us keep away
from deliberate sin? The warning of Nathan to David regarding the
loss of his son reflects on a belief that “the succeeding
generations may suffer for whatever we have done wrong.” The first
reading also reminds us: when someone corrects or criticizes us, how
do we feel? Do we get angry at once or do we discern that
criticism? How may we be better able to hear and listen to
the “Nathans” in our lives?

In today’s Gospel, we read that Jesus sleeps during a fierce storm,
while the disciples cringe in fear. Perhaps Jesus reminds us today
that the faith that we need in life is not so much to keep problems
and tribulations away, but perhaps, it is to help us persevere
through the trials and adversities that we encounter in our daily
lives. It is this faith that will help us overcome these
adversities and keep us undisturbed and with peace in our hearts.
This peace is rooted in the belief that He would allow no evil to
overwhelm us. Perhaps this is the faith that He would like us to
learn; this is the faith he asks of us.

Can I recall the times when the peace of Christ helped me through
the stormy times of my life? By remembering these times, am I more
confident whenever I am faced with a crisis?