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The Paschal Mystery Still Brings Life & Joy | Christopher Carstens

Even Now, We Can Still Enter the Mysteries of Easter | Christopher Carstens

Holy Week is here and we now accompany Christ through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection. This has become an even greater challenge while many of us are sheltering in place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But the promise of redemption through Christ’s resurrection still call to us.

Today, Michael welcomes liturgist and podcast host Christopher Carstens to discuss how we can get make Holy Week our holiest week, even in the midst of our unusual times.

Other topics we discussed:

  • How we can participate in the Easter Triduum, even if we are not able to attend Mass.
  • The meaning of the Holy Thursday Mandatum.
  • How we can use art in our prayerful participation.
  • What we mean we talk about Christ’s “Harrowing of Hell” that takes place in the Triduum.

To go deeper into the subject of the Easter Mysteries, check Mr. Carstens’s latest books, A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery, which is available from Sophia Institute Press. Listen to our interview below or find Catholic Exchange on your favorite podcast app.