The Paralyzed Man

Jesus saw the faith of the men carrying the paralyzed man lying on a cot, and with great compassion and despite the hostility and `evil thoughts’ of his staunchest enemies (the teachers of the Law), he worked a miracle on the young man.

The paralytic was cured not only because he believed in Jesus but also because the men who brought him had great faith. When we are trying to help others, Jesus considers our faith and kindness for the benefit of the recipient and he acts to help all of us.

The teachers of the Law accused Jesus of blasphemy. These arrogant Jewish religious leaders did this at every opportunity. If Jesus healed a man on a Sabbath, they rebuked him. Jesus gave common sense answers, but the leaders wouldn’t accept them. The `educated’ leaders remained in their ignorance and sin while the poor and `uneducated’ were amazed and were full of joy, praising God for giving such power to human beings.