The March for Life and the Religion of Abortion

It goes without saying that the annual March for Life is one of the most exciting and unifying events in the international movement to defend life. 100,000+ pro-lifers converged on our nation's capital this week, more than half of whom were under the age of 25, and declared that the slaughter of the innocents is never going to be accepted as a permanent institution in our nation. Abortion-promoters would be hard-pressed to show the world that they could sustain such a massive public movement in their favor for 35 straight years. I can only say, "Bravo!" to all the people — especially the kids — who made great sacrifices to join us in Washington this week.

It also goes without saying that the little tin gods in the media did their level best to ignore and obfuscate this colossal event. When the homosexual propaganda film star, Heath Ledger, died of a drug overdose two nights before the March, that provided the hedonistic media the perfect reason to wail and gnash their teeth for a prolonged period of time about their immoral agenda and derail coverage of the life event. I will pray for Mr. Ledger's immortal soul, but at the same time, his death is a study in contrasts with the March for Life. The Brokeback Mountain star was only 28 at the time of his demise. It was his massage therapist who discovered his body that morning. A thumbnail sketch of his adult life might look something like this: Hollywood glitter, money and status, cohabitating with a girlfriend, a child out of wedlock, an activist for an immoral lifestyle, drug overdose and then death at a very young age. It's a real tragedy, but the culture of hedonism and death was dramatically played against the culture of life and life in Washington DC that day.

Not to be outdone by the godless media, the Planned Parenthood in Schenectady, NY also staged its own drama of the absurd. They dedicated a new 18,000 square foot killing center that day and had three members of the abortion "clergy" come out and "bless" it! What I have always said about abortion as a demonic religion was on graphic display in NY as we were marching for life in DC. Two "ministers" came to do the blessing from a "reformed" church — their view of "reform" is obviously different than ours. The (male) reverend used the occasion to proudly announce a new doctrine to the three dozen devotees of sacred abortion: the right to privacy is endowed by God, he said. Now, we cannot even find the "right to privacy" in the US Constitution and yet this fellow makes a new religious right out of whole cloth. Don't ask the demonic religion for a good grounding in history or logic. The other abortion clergyman was a rabbi who blew the shofar as a way to show support for reproductive rights. Our friend Rabbi Yehuda Levin who blows the shofar most years at the March for Life will have a field day with that one.

 The most absurd aspect of the blessing ceremony, however, was when the Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church led the congregation outside to lay hands on the brick and mortar and to declare that the killing center was "sacred ground." Ugh. The hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), the acolytes (clinic workers), the congregation (supporters) and the ministers were all at the abortion temple that day worshipping the god of abortion. And the demons were so pleased.

St. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6 that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It is against the principalities and powers of this world of darkness. The darkness is spreading, but the Light of Christ shines forth in all those wonderful kids and their parents who showed the world that life will win in the end.

"The light shines on in darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it." (Jn 1:5)

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    I'm ashamed to say that I live not far from Schenectady.  Those people are really sick. 

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    Claire, I thank God that you do.  People like you are vital to combating evil like this.

    May God forgive and bless them all. 

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    I'm not entirely surprised at the dearth of coverage of massive pro-life rallies and marches such as we saw last week in D.C. and San Francisco (is anybody in the pro-life movement anymore?). Very simply, the media are afraid. They are very afraid. I think they do send reporters with cameras and videocams to document what goes on. When it comes time for the TV news editor and reporter to review what was filmed for possible airing later the blood drains from their faces and their hands get clammy as they watch with increasing anxiety the seemingly endless masses of men, women and children, lay and clergy, students and grandparents processing peacefully (and some praying the rosary!) across their video monitor. At that point the decision not to air (or publish) such a story is a very easy one. They know which side they're on, and they're not about to give unsolicited "aid and comfort" to the "enemies of Choice." No way. 

    Certainly they could figure out that the unmistakable YOUTH of many of the marchers, and their vast numbers is stark evidence that the growing movement to defend the Sanctity of Life is not going to grow old and die anytime soon.

    But as Fr. Euteneuer points out, our struggle is in the spiritual dimension. We marched, but we did it with much prayer. To echo Fr. Euteneuer, and as we heard in the Gospel reading this past Sunday,

    the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light… (Matt. 4:16).

    May the Light of Christ continue to shine through our efforts to defend life from conception to natural death.

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    it's good to see you posting!  I know you can offer the joy of parenting your newborn in reparation for the sin of those sacreligious  people around you.

    I hope all is going well.   

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    I have no idea what living near a bad organization has to do with shame?  There's no connection, poster.

     I do wish people would stop using the word 'religion' in any connection with abortion, as even Ann Coulter does.  I cringe.  I understand the 'reason,' but really, there is no reason.  It's perhaps a matter of cult, other institution, but religion is meant to uplift us, and in a sense, save us (although the religion does not, God does).  Fr Tom, I can't think you think this is a good idea to sully the name of religion with this kind of connection. 

    It's a story, of course, and has been ignored for so many years.  I remember having this conversation with someone 15 years ago.  I think Fox News has helped – having a more pro-life president would have helped even more.  I think folks in the media don't really get it, especially the old guard.  They don't know how to categorize the marchers, and it's all about category – if there was serious violence, it might be different, but we don't need that.  Just glory in the fact that the March goes on, with young people all the time.  At the same time we are sad, for its need to exist.  And pray for a president to be with us, in the trenches.  George Bush has not been that president.

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    I can't believe I live in a country that actually debates the merits of human abortion. 

    If a sinner like me can't express my horror.  I can't imagine what God feels.  Maybe that's why Jesus sweat blood.

  • Guest

    If Hillary or Barack get elected you will be wishing that Gerorge Bush were still in office. I ,too, wish that President Bush had done more to end abortion,but he has

    1. banned using federal dollars to pay for abortion

    2. Supported the Mexico City policy of not funding  any organization that supports abortion worldwide.

    3. signed the Partial Birth abortion ban

    4. limited the experimentation on embryonic stem cells

    5. appointed two Supreme Court Justices who will support Pro Life legislation.

    6. Opposes gay marriages

    7. Supports abstinence education

    8. Support abstinence, and faithfulness in marriage, to stop AIDS in Africa, which is working in Uganda, the only country in which AIDS is decreasing

    If Hillary or Barack get elected, all of this will go by the wayside.

    Hillary has stated that her first act in office will be to begin paying for abortions with federal dollars. The same thing her husband did.

    Any legislation which is Pro-Life will also be vetoed.

    Right now the Democrats are trying to pass FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act which will override all the Pro-Life legislation which has been passed so far, including the ban of Partial birth abortion, Parental notification, etc. 

    Now that is scary!!

  • Guest

    While I don't necessarily agree that the media substituted coverage of Heath Ledger's death instead of Right to Life (let's face it, they'd cover ANYTHING over the march), I did comment to a friend the irony that so many people were posting on Facebook comments such as RIP Heath Ledger when we were also remembering a day that legalized abortion and consequently robbed the world of millions of lives. 


    I was also shocked to find the following blog title in the religion section of the Houston Chronicle:  "Happy Roe v. Wade Day– 45 Million Safe Choices"  This was a blog posted by a female rabbi.  Four days later, her blog was entitled "A Prayer After the Termination of a Pregnancy"  (I posted a peaceful comment or two to share my sentiments Innocent)


    Praying for life …


  • Guest

    I support Fr. Euteneuer and I understand that he is a warrior for a great cause, and as such, he sometimes pulls no punches in his newsletters and columns.


    I am sorry that here, in the course of making his argument, he felt the need to bring Heath Ledger's name into the discussion at all. There was no compelling need to do so and the connection between Ledger and Fr. Euteneuer's main adversaries is tenuous at best.  The man was not yet in his grave, and Father decided to sum up his life in one sentence, a string of derogatory descriptions.  Yes, Father said he would pray for Heath and described his death as a true tragedy, but in the context, that has the appearance of sprinkling some holy water over a strongly uncharitable send-off for young man whom he did not personally know.


    Please, Father, next time, more charity for the erring dead and their loved ones.  A "take-no-prisoners" approach is unbecoming a Catholic priest, especially one who is fighting the good fight for life.

  • Guest

    Abortion is nothing less than premeditated murder.  Of course we must focus on the "life" or the unborn because that is what we trying to save, but we should bring some focus as well on the "choice" made by the expectant mother because that is the cause of abortion.  This article by Fr. Euteneurer is an example of what I am trying to say.  The secular media, Planned Parenthood, the medical community that supplies the doctors, nurses and clinics, the National Organization of Women, the politicans that fund abortion clinics with tax-payer money,  the Right to Choose organization, and even the US Supreme Court, are facilitators, but they do not cause abortions.  The woman that decides to abort is the only cause of abortion because she alone can make that decision. Facilitatiors make abortion more available, more acceptable, more popular, less costly, but they have never caused a single one of those 45 million abortions.

    In a very real sense, abortion-on-demand is one by-product of the Womens Liberation Movement.  Women are now liberated to make the same stupid choices that men make, and, at least in this case, millions of them have not wasted the opportunity.

    None of the abortion-promotors listed above, collectively or individually, can decide to have an abortion. None of them can prevent an abortion. The father of the child has no voice, nor do the grandparents. Not even the parents of the underage expecting mother can interfere. The law of the land makes it a decision the pregnant mother alone can and must make. If women that abort are characterized somehow as victims, then they are victims by choice.

    "Just say no" is as applicable for pregnant women as it is for drug addicts, and perhaps just as difficult to say.  We can fight the abortion-promoters and facilitators until hell freezes over and it won't make a dent in the murder of the unborn.  Only the mother-to-be can decide to stop an abortion.


  • Guest

    Father's article is in an appropriate channel "The Edge".

    Father writes on the edge and we need more of that, especially from the clergy. Fr. E says it like it is and is a breath of fresh air in the pro-life movement.

    I look forward to reading Father E's HLI Spirit and Life newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe (free) visit

    Stay strong, Father. God bless your courage and for educating us. I have no doubt you have changed hearts, minds and saved babies.

    Keep up the awesome work!