The Joy of the Gospel

Why do we compare ourselves with others?  And no wonder we have so many rivals! We want to be better off than our neighbor!  While Peter and John were both called as disciples of Jesus, each was given a different task or function.  When Peter questions John’s role, Jesus retorts: “What is that to you?  Follow me!”  Peter’s given task was to “shepherd the sheep of Christ”, and in the end to die for Christ.  John’s role was preeminently to witness to Christ and to give his testimony to the gospel.  John lived to long age and wrote the gospel as his testimony to the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  John ends his gospel with an astonishing remark: “Human books cannot exhaust the person and work of Jesus Christ.”  His power is inexhaustible, his grace is limitless, his wisdom unfathomable, his triumphs are innumerable and his love is unquenchable. We can never say enough of the power, majesty and glory which belongs to him alone.  Do you witness to others the joy of the gospel?