The Hostile Spiritual Takeover of Our Nation

Anyone who has watched national politics closely in the past year and a half has seen a panoply of aggressive political moves that are reported about in hostile terms. There are government “takeovers” of huge industries, public officials “moving against” businesses and individuals, court decisions “striking down” statutes and executive initiatives “attacking” fundamentally sane institutions and plans. Even in times of war, I don’t think we have ever had such violent social and political maneuvering in our public life. The worst aspect of it is that all the rapaciousness is directed inward. If we were laying waste the enemies of the innocent citizens of our society in the same way we are consuming our own healthy institutions, how different our public life would be! The current hostile initiatives are nothing of the sort, however. They are essentially demonic takeovers of sacred institutions by the pagans who hold the reins of power.

Let me be clear: I am not saying that our public officials are demons. I am saying that they are acting like demons. Demons lie, cheat and steal – obsessively. It is their nature. Once the demons rejected God, they fell into a dark world devoid of love and dominated by the ethic of the survival of the fittest where “might is right”. The human beings that serve them act in much the same way when they implement their agendas and policies. Whenever they are in control of institutions or governments, they lie, cheat and steal. In their minds, they are right because they have the might – and to the victors go the spoils.

But what did we expect, really? Our nation elected unabashedly pagan representatives who are possessed of a tapestry of unclean ideologies who have an almost religious fervor in advancing their control over greater sectors of our common life and economy. The sad part is that these people who govern us are simply being true to their convictions: before the election, they were not abashed in telling us how radical they are, and now we are reaping the fruits of the demonic agenda of the death and destruction that they have brought with them.

I would despair of this situation had I not met so many decent and God-fearing Americans who do not agree with the mainstreaming of paganism into our culture. I have met the virtuous side of America, and it is to these that I write these words of encouragement: be strong! We must be true to the core Christian principles that made this nation great! Be not afraid of the severe conflicts with the pagan world that we will have to endure in the very near future. We are not alone in this battle. There are many more moral and decent Americans than we realize. It’s just that the good ones are busy about raising families and keeping the basic fabric of our society intact. They are not the hedonists and manipulators that strive obsessively to control public discourse and institutions. They are there in the background and form the true foundation of our society.

In time, the proper spiritual leadership will emerge which will bind us together and form us into a fighting force called the Church Militant – the only spiritual force that can truly resist the hostile spiritual takeover of our nation. Let us not forget, however, that we must get down on our knees and beg, plead, and implore God to restore our once-great nation to its grandeur. We will not see the dawn of a renewed nation without prayer and sacrifice. The momentum of righteousness, consisting of all the humble goodness taking place at the grass-roots level of the Church and society, will eventually build, and we will take back our nation – not only at the ballot box but above all in the hearts and minds of all those who love God and are doing their best to love their neighbor. We will then be able to cast out the unclean spirits that are destroying everything that we hold sacred, and society will once again be governed by righteous men. For such an end we place our deepest hope in Christ, our true and only Savior!

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  • I’ve heard it said elsewhere, and I agree, that we will win a mutltitude of hearts and minds long before we win elections.

  • Cheryl Dickow

    Voters notoriously vote with a short-term memory and based upon their economic situation as they enter the voting booth.

    What we need is to have articles such as this running and re-running in the few days prior to the elections in November so that we all enter the voting booths with the right understanding and perspective and aren’t carried away with whatever short-term rewarding experiences we may be having at the time.

    This is a powerful article.

    Thank you, Father.

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  • The sheer authenticity, urgency, and most of all Truth, shared in
    this writing, is most profound. To suggest, that this honest and important
    writing, be made available to the faithful of ALL denominations throughout
    our Country would not be advisable, rather, necessary.
    I offer my sincerest congratulations to the author, a good and faithful servant!
    ALL, for The Greater Glory of GOD!

  • Elections? You can’t be serious. On the rare occasion when a genuine reformist is on the verge of a breakthrough, the media converges to destroy his candidacy. Look at what is happening to Rand Paul, and how they have marginalized his father, Congressman Ron Paul.

    The U.S. political system was designed to fine-tune a country more or less on track, not to effect radical turnabouts in diabolical times like these.

    For the purpose of restoring our country, the electoral process as currently corrupted is useless. We will need a constitutional convention, at least.

    See the four part series, “Insurgency 101,” beginning in CE last October at,

  • My money is on the people of America. I see, meet, work with, and hear about more good people every day and it brings me great hope. I think we have the kind of greatness that we need to turn this country around, in fact in our country it’s as ordinary as salt.

  • John Regan

    Approximately half the total of Americans eligible to vote decline – each election – to cast ballots. Clearly – by the simplest arithmetic imaginable – one can see that grievous faults found in the political management of all levels of government in our country can be laid, in very large portion, at the feet of all who are eligible to vote but – whatever their reasons may be – don’t!

    A consequence of this citizen neglect of their civic responsibilities is allowing entrenchment in government office of politicians beholden to the political and financial support of elements of society inimical to the better aspects of the American culture. One such consequence is the government-authorized massacre (each and every day) of 3,000+ innocent, helpless, unborn human beings. Now, these are the neighbors of all of us, as are their mothers, many of whom were violently pressured to pronounce (as only they can do, legally) an “order” that the baby’s life be ended! Let’s look at a significant implication of this.

    We human beings have been CHARGED by God’s two BEDROCK Commandments to love God first and foremost and to love our neighbors as ourselves. (see Mt. 22:34-40). That dead baby and frightened mother are our neighbors, whom politicians – continued in office by the American electorate – have callously and deliberately allowed innocent lives to be taken each and every day in a number eerily equivalent to the number of deaths inflicted by terrorists on that single, ABOMINABLE day 9-11-01!. THEY did it to us that one day. WE do it to our neighbors EVERY day!

  • John Regan

    I’d like to add to my prior post:

    Fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.

    It doesn’t appear to be at all wise toward any American voter’s eternal destiny to neglect supporting these neighbors-in-distress by the simple action of voting into office elected officials sympathetic to rectifying these eneighbors’ government-imposed plight.

  • c-kingsley

    John — I’m not too troubled by low voter turnout. I’d Rather that uninformed and apathetic people not vote. There will always be a percentage of people who don’t care to learn about what’s going on. Why should we worry about them voting? If you don’t even know what DAY is the election, why should I trust your judgment on any issue?

  • John Regan

    I’m not ready to suppose that ½ of all American citizens eligible to vote fall into the categories of “uninformed and apathetic people”, nor to give up on opportunities to enlist their support.

    I’m more inclined to believe that the combined, vast communication capacities of our church, of all pro-life organizations and of pro-life sympathizers could remind all Americans (particularly those eligible to vote) continually, of the responsibilities of all to love their neighbors, daily ravaged by our “legal” right to have innocent, helpless human beings torn apart to death.