The Good vs The Best

We are constantly faced with a choice between the good and the best.
We may wish for the path of comfortable obedience, but how do we
respond when Christ calls us to take the challenging path of faith?
Are we saddened at what we must leave behind or excited by the
challenge that lies before us?

Today’s Gospel makes it clear that Christ asks no less than
everything. In other words, the way of the Gospel is not just doing
good and avoiding evil. Rather, the way of the Gospel is a way of
complete detachment not only from material possessions, of always
choosing not just what is good, but what is best for the greater glory
of God. There are indeed great sacrifices to be made if we wish to
follow Christ, but we are not expected to make the sacrifices in our
own power.

Jesus admits that detachment from all things is humanly impossible.
But the grace and power of Christ himself will enable us to move
steadily forward in the challenging path of sacrifice. As we advance
in faith, it becomes clear that God never asks something of us except
to make room to give us something far greater. What he wants to give
us is that blessed state of freedom and joy which T.S. Eliot called “a
condition of complete simplicity — costing no less than everything.”
Let us ask Jesus today for the grace to yield all things to him,
knowing that he has far greater things in store for us than we can
hope for or ever imagine.

  • I love this homily. It really touched me today and what I needed to hear.