The Feminine Church

An excerpt from Genevieve Kineke’s “The Authentic Catholic Woman”

“Even from the outset the Church was feminine, and recognized her mission: “In the catacombs the Church is often represented as a woman in prayer, arms outstretched in the praying position. Like Christ who stretched out his arms on the cross, through him, with him and in him, she offers herself and intercedes for all men” (CCC, 1368).

Whatever effort we expend in building culture, it must be grounded in prayer and lifted to God as a gift from our hearts. Just as it is essential that a mother nourish herself adequately so she can nurse her infant, a woman has to dedicate herself to her own prayer life, constantly deepening her union with God, because only then can she feed and direct the souls in her spiritual care. There can be no room for pride in our projects; rather we must humbly cling to faith alone, which will guide properly the work of our hands.”