The Father’s Son: Andrew Cuomo

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On September 13, 1984, Governor Mario Cuomo gave his historic speech at the University of Notre Dame. Formally titled, “Religious Belief and Public Morality: A Catholic Governor’s Perspective,” it was an interminable speech, an astounding 7,582 words in length, a marathon in self-oration, self-importance, and self-indulgence—a stunning exhortation to answer to oneself rather than one’s Church.

It was an awfully destructive speech, the gold standard, the standard-bearer that paved the way for an entire generation of liberal Catholics to banish their faith from their public life on crucial moral issues like abortion. If you want to see the poster-children for Mario Cuomo’s vision that day, picture Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius. All merrily check their faith at the door when it comes to unborn children but not when it comes to Obama-care, or climate change, or solar energy, or the minimum wage, or food stamps, or welfare, or funding Planned Parenthood or contraception, or gay marriage; no, the latter are deemed matters of Catholic “social justice,” where faith and public life must be fully integrated. But that integration always, Cuomo-like, stops with the unborn child.

And now, too, picture another child of Cuomo, his son, Andrew Cuomo, who takes the vision to altogether new levels that the father could not have conceived.

Andrew, the latest Cuomo to govern New York, is on a kind of progressive rampage, pushing everything from same-sex marriage to unlimited abortion on demand as no less than a “fundamental right,” a sacred woman’s “choice,” under New York state law. One source calls it Cuomo’s “abortion blitz.”

The blitz comes without God. As noted by Bishop William Murphy, Cuomo is “espousing a position that excludes God.”

Well, that’s no surprise. That’s what his father preached at Notre Dame three decades ago.

Look, ideas have consequences. And the ideas expressed way back in September 1984 by Mario Cuomo in a uniquely damaging speech at Notre Dame now bear bitter fruit in the form and work of the son. Hey, you reap what you sow.

Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • Chris Landreneau

    Why doen’t Andrew Coumo’s Bishop excommunicate him?

  • vahillbilly4

    Why aren’t they refused Communion? Let’s hope our next Holy Father is vocal and firm about people who are publicly against the teachings and tenets of the Catholic Church. I’m sick of these so called prodeath Catholics even my small rural church has them and some are even extroardinary ministers of the Eucharist, shameful.

  • Mike

    In reality, they have excommunicated themslves already. The bishop would only be formalizing and making it public. He would also be performing an act of mercy for them as perhaps this would be like cod water be thrwn upon them to awaken them to the very dangerous place they have placed themselves. Lets pray for all who are involved

  • vahillbilly4

    I think there are “cafeteria” Catholics that will think what they want regardless. What botheres me is they water down my beloved faith/church. It sets a confusing precedent for non Catholics like my husband who can’t understand the double standard.

  • I hope bishops in general can someday see that tough love is required, especially when a person causes so much scandal. I guess if we want to rid abortion, gay so-called marriage, etc is for Catholics (universal) to be united. To be united we need discipline which is a form of love that at times need to be vocal and discreet, else what love is there to watch a person lead him/herself to hell. I understand that when a pope excommunicates a person, it is usually related to teaching heresy and causing schims…it is now time to call the promotion of abortion and gay so-called marriage a heresy or a schism within the Catholic Church and pray for bishops to act accordingly.

  • why is he allowed to attend mass? why doesn’t be get excommunicated…he is very evil and it is getting worse…our state, NY, say nothing of our country is in the hands of Satan….

  • Jacqueleen

    Politicians like the Cuomos, the Pelosis, the Bidens, etc. form a repulsive public attitude towards politicians. If they don’t practice what they believe in, the TRUTH, then they are practicing a false doctrine. Then, the rigged 2013 election turns off the voter who is paying attention to what is happening and not what is spoken from the mouths of Devil Worshipers. Pray for our Nation’s conversion. We evicted God and lost His protection over our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  • Mary Ann

    Can we expect anything different from a man who divorced his wife and lives in sin with another woman!!

  • Thank you. As children of God, we can’t be afraid to point out naked emperors. Including the One on the Cross.

  • Jacqueleen, those politicians do practice what they believe in, and it isn’t coming from God, it’s their own self styled false doctrine. Don’t you think so?

  • Jacqueleen

    I believe that is what I stated above. Although you think it is their own self styled false doctrine. I believe they are listening to the voice of Satan and his army of demons who are prowling the earth whispering into ears Satanology, i.e., what appears to be good, but is evil personified. All the while the devil sits back and laughs at his triumph.

  • Cuomo will never be excommunicated by a bishop because American bishops are not martyrs like the original Apostles. Modern bishops die with a pension and of old age. Peace………………JO

  • inspokane

    Way beyond Cafeteria Catholics,,,this is Anti-christ behavior…The bible says their are many Anti-christs(small C on purpose) these are wolves in sheeps clothing. Saying they are Catholic…and swaying the cafeteria catholics. If you pick and choose what Catholics(GOD) teachers…if you eliminate one thing it all falls apart. Like Mary, how can you have Jesus without Mary. So obvious and the first 12 Apostles have given ust that through word of mounth. They new way more of what Jesus said than in the Bible. GB jerry

  • JosephKellyJr

    Makes me sad. If the USCCB lot existed in the first century, Christianity would never had survived. These people have no faith, just comfortable palaces and full stomachs. Very sad when bishops check their faith at the door and yuck around with Pelosi, Biden, Kerry.

  • John O

    The sad reality of life, is that the Bishop of the Albany NY diocese, Howard Hubbard, freely dispenses communion to Cuomo, and stands by idly mute while this disgraceful excuse for a “Catholic” governor aggresively promotes his secular progressive agenda of homosexual “marriage”, unfettered abortion, and LBGT “rights”. When asked about Cuomo living in sin and receiving communion, Hubbard told reporters that it was a “personal ” matter, and would not deny the Eucharist. What else would you expect from A Bishop who himself was accused fo homosexual activity ?

  • Shayne

    Cuomo would most likely be in favor of the ‘proposed’ Australian law of Post Birth Abortion, in which, if the baby is born with Downs-Syndrome or retardation of any type the mother who have the option to kill the baby (outside of the womb)–that’s not abortion, that is flat-out murder. Let’s not give Cuomo any ideas though. Let’s just pray for him.

  • So why does the church let him pretend to be a catholic? Why does his bishop not excommuncate him. Why would Nortre Dame invite him and President Obama?? Something is very wrong with the leaders of the church in the US.

  • bluesuede

    Me too, I’m sick of them and scandalized. The Pope did send Bishops advice to take action against Catholic politicians receiving Communion and standing for immoral laws, but we can see that they took no action.

    If they are going to lay down with dogs they’re going to get up with fleas.

  • Supergirl333

    I wish the Bishops would start excommunicating these vocal politicians.

  • Ron

    That needs to be done, the rule of law so every one knows and can read it for them selves

  • The Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, is a coward. Cardinal Dolan, a wanna-be celebrity, likes to rub elbows with the President, our “Catholic” governor, and Mayor Bloomberg, all vicious proponents of unrestricted abortion, and take his place of honor at their banquets and cocktail parties. Unlike Christ, who publicly rebuked the Pharisees and ejected the money changers bodily from the Temple, Cardinal Dolan refuses to stand up to Gov. Cuomo. Through his failure to combat evil, Cardinal Dolan is complicit in the murders of hundreds of unborn babies every single day in New York state, the abortion capital of the world. I pray for the Holy Spirit to give the cowardly Cardinal Dolan a spinal injection. Otherwise, Dolan should resign!

  • LAKramer1211

    He shares that distinction with his son, the current Governor of New York. His concubine is a rather famous TV personality, Sandra Lee. New York is a sewer and the Catholic bishops there aren’t nothing to sniff at neither.

  • Kathy

    This separation of faith and politics started with John Kennedy and a meeting with some theologians at the Kennedy compound where one theologian supposedly decided it was possible to be personally opposed to say abortion but publicly to support such a law if passed by the government. We can lay much of what has happened since at the feet of the Kennedy’s and their like-minded democratic friends. And I agree, it’s time the bishop have a talk with the Cuomos

  • inspokane

    There are many Anti christs in this time. Many….

  • Begreen

    After reading Cuomo’s
    list of words of over 7,000 he only gives a few concepts. Primarily that
    abortion is arbitrary. That’s it. But remember that the best speeches
    were written with only a few words. As with being arbitrary no twisting of the
    ten command will ever produce that.

  • Party

    And why are orthodox Catholics still sending their children to this hellish college?

  • NYCFiredog

    Spot on Joseph. These American Bishops have no spine. These are the men who are to confirm our youth to be soldiers of Christ, and they are Luke warm men who only prattle about “Social Justice”. It’s time they studied the martyrs of the Soviet blocs to know what courage is.

  • NYCFiredog

    Your first sentence said it all.

  • Chris Landreneau

    I know that by one’s actions a person can excommunicate themselves. These politicans publicly champion intrinsic evils. If they refuse to repent of their support of these evils after they have been thoroughly warned privately, then they should be publicly excommunicated. St John the Baptist was quite adamant at calling out Herod in public on his adulterous living. Christ publicly admonished the Pharisees, challenged the rich young man & cleansed the Temple, all public actions for all to see & hear.

  • GregCz

    Cuomo is a rotten man – he will be judged for his terrible actions ny God – pray he converts and returns to God.

  • teresa

    We know they have excommunciated themselves but non-Catholics don’t. Thats why a public excommunication is in order IMHO: to make chrystal clear the position of the Church. Many devout protestants connect being ‘catholic’ with the high-profile ‘judas’ catholics and would never join the Church because of that scandal.

  • Eddie

    Our Bishops need to EXCOMMUNICATE them publicly. They are notorious sinners! The Rite of Christian burial has been denied to mobsters who have a lot less blood on their
    hands then our so called politicians who advocate the murder of the unborn in their mother’s wombs. It is an abomination and scandalizes the entire body of Christ.

  • March 5th: Recently I heard Gov. Andrew Cuoma stand before a crowd and shout: “Your body, your choice! Your body, your choice!” Catholics like Cuomo, Kerry, Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius are encouraged to go as far as they can with their destructive agendas by Bishops who allow them to consider themselves Catholics in good standing and receive the Eucharist. Recently, I came across a copy of Benedict XVI’s letter to the Bishops of the USA, entrusted to Cardinal McCarrick. Cardinal McCarrick did not share that letter with the Bishops but only his interpretation of it. It was clear in the letter that Catholic politicians who publicly promote and support agendas like abortion and same sex marriage are not to receive the Eucharist until they have gone to Confession and publicly took back their support for those agendas. Hopefully the new Pope will again proclaim this truth – this will offer a catalyst for conversion to these politicians instead of affirming them in their grave moral promotion of evil.

  • Cardinal Dolan said he would never refuse the Eucharist to anyone because to do so would make the Eucharist political – Card. Dolan’s statement makes it a ‘political’ issue rather than a spiritual/moral issue. I am going to send him a copy of Pope Benedict’s letter…Cuomo only got worse, screaming to a crowd: “It’s your body, your choice’!” Really…didn’t the Lord Himself declare: “I place before you life and death, blessing and curse – choose life!” To choose life is to choose the blessing, to choose death is to choose the curse…and yet, these Catholic politicians are in danger of losing their souls because they are affirmed in their sin, permitted to consider themselves Catholics in good standing…it’s time for the Bishops to speak out publicly about this…

  • Benedict XVI already wrote a letter to the American Bishops stating that any Catholic politician who publicly supported and promoted abortion should not receive the Eucharist…Cardinal McCarrick kept that letter to himself and did not share it with the Bishops…

  • NYCFiredog

    Is this true? How can we find more about this? These Cardinals and Bishops demand “Obedience” with their pronouncements, yet ignore our Holy Father and disobey HIM?

  • @NYCFiredog: Yes, Sam is right. That IS true! McCarrick DID hide the letter and never told the other bishops about it. Don’t the bishops know that THEY have the power (not to mention the solemn obligation) to defend the Holy Eucharist from sacrilege and profanation! They should be willing to DIE before allowing ANYONE to desecrate Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!

    So, why are they silent? Where’s Cdl Wuerl? Where’s Cdl Dolan? Why, there yukking it up with politicians and media types. I wonder: Do scandalously silent bishops REALLY believe in the True Presence? I pray for their conversions.

  • ZorroRules

    All that this article says is true. The sad truth beyond it is that for a good 45 years nobody in authority has seemingly done a thing to stop the scandal or teach the people the whole truth from the pulpit. The teachings I have heard are very Rotary Club “be nice” homilies usually devoid of reference to the Gospel just read, and frequently devoid of any actual mention of God, except by imputation, or in some minor way. Certain forms of sin are known to be rampant and never have I heard any call to repent of them. The result is that people are making it up as they go, picking and choosing what to believe. Most catholics are not actually Catholic at all. The lay people are also to blame for years of bad living of the faith that contributed to the situation.

  • Poppiexno

    The words and actions of so called “Catholic” politicians are indeed scandelous. Even more scandelouse is the general lack of vigorous action by our bishops. Their spineless falure to publicly discipline these “Catholic” politicians sends a clear signal of approval. As long as the politicians are right on “social justice” the bishops will tolerate them.
    I have written many times on this site my recollection of Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel of New Orleans who excommunicated two citizens for opposing the gradual racial integration of the parochial schools. Of course since Vatican II, discipline is out of fashion.
    I have been told that a Cardinal attended Teddy Kennedy’s funeral. If so, that is indeed scandalous with a capital S. Teddy Kennedy: a man who at a minimum should’ve stood trial for (wo)manslaughter, an advocate of abortion, and a man who gave the language a new verb, “to Bork” merits a Cardinal at his funeral? Ah, but he was right on “social justice” the grace that wipes out all sin according to the new United States Catholic theology.

  • Bluebill

    Did not Biden and Pelosi receive communion in Rome yesterday?

  • Last year I attended the Georgetown pro-life conference and asked Arch Bishop Chaput the following question:”Maryland “Catholic” Governor Martin O’Malley has publicly stated he supports abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, and is making the legalization of gay mariage his number one priority in the upcoming year (note he was successful and gay marriage is legal in MD now), should he be excommunicated? If not, is there anything a “Catholic ” politician could do that would warrant excommunication?” Unfortunately, he got rather upset with me and stated that we who call for excommunication just don’t understand the complexities of what that means. His response was very discouraging given that he is considered very pro-life. It also made me realize the chance of one of these merchants of death being excommunicated, bar a solid declaration by the Pope, is virtually non-existant and the faithful will continue to be scandalized.

  • Richard III

    Ask St. John Fisher to intercede for the confused and renegade clergy. Fisher was the ONLY English bishop to stand up against Henry VIII leaving the Catholic Church and his lawful wife.

  • Richard III

    Fr. Kevin, a priest at Catholic Family Land (CFL) in Bloomingdale, Ohio, has a great message for cafeteria Catholics: “The Catholic Church is NOT Burger King; you can’t ‘Have It Your Way.'”

  • vahillbilly4

    Kudos to Father Kevin, let’s have more just like him

  • chronovisor

    we don’t “understand the complexities”? really? here’s a simple test for dolan and chaput and other gutless bishops who REFUSE to “excommunicate” so called “catholics”…..IS it a “sin” in view of everyone to see that weakens the church’s authority, and promotes OTHERS to sin in the same manner? that doesn’t seem to “complex”, sick of these cowards running the church, that’s the real scandal of the church COWARDS

  • I don’t claim to be a genius but the Catechism is pretty clear on excommunication for supporting abortion so I was really surpised at Archbishop Chaput’s response.