The Father

First Reading: Sir 48:1-14

Psalm: Ps 97:1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7

Gospel: Mt 6:7-15

Jesus in this classic prayer teaching summarizes how it is when we approach our own fathers. If we were to update this in some sense, it may go something like this: Father up above, whom we adore so much because we continue to respect and honor your name. We pray that your Will be practiced here among us and that your Kingdom may be established in our presence.

We ask for sustenance to face each day. And if we’ve caused you any harm or pain, please do not turn us away. Hopefully, we may learn to be as patient as you with regard to our fellow human beings and their shortcomings.

Please guide us in facing challenges to our faith and loyalty. And please protect us from all temptations that may take us away from your love.

Of course, the prayer Jesus taught us can’t be substituted with this interpretation. Although, it can in some way give us another insight in dealing with fathers in general. We should continue to respect their decisions because they only have our best interests at heart. It can be quite challenging to be a dad, but they continue to do their best just the same. They determine the direction of the family and they only want to protect us from the big, bad world. May we love Our Father and all fathers. May we continually pray to be the good children they wish us to be.