The Evil That Men Do

There is an interesting pro-life brochure entitled, “Men Hurt Too” (Bradley Mattes, Life Issues Institute). It talks about the feelings and emotions men often experience after being involved in the procurement of an abortion.

“The most consistent and evident symptom in men due to loss of a child from abortion is anger. . . . He may turn to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain of knowing he participated in or was too 'weak' to prevent the death of his unborn baby. . . . He may become a workaholic to avoid contact with other people. … He may be unable to hold a job … or he may be an excessive risk taker. . . . [Men involved in abortion] become addicted to pornography and masturbation. . . . Some experiment with homosexuality because it allows them to have a relationship with no commitment and no worry of pregnancy. Other symptoms include sleeplessness, panic attacks, poor coping skills, flashbacks, nightmares, self-imposed isolation of suicidal tendencies.”

Maybe this explains why there are so many decadent men in our abortion culture. Of course, I highly doubt that the multitudes of liberal hedonists will admit that. In fact, they always seem to blame us religious “zealots” for just about every “problem.”

I guess, then, that we — not radical feminism — are to blame for the actions of ex-professional football player Rae Carruth. Carruth was sentenced [in 2001] to a minimum of 18 years and 11 months in prison for his involvement in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams, who had refused Carruth's demand that she get an abortion.

I guess, then, that we — not radical feminism — are to blame for the actions of Dr. Stephen Pack. Pack pled guilty in January [2001] for forcibly injecting his then pregnant mistress, nurse Joy Schepis, with the abortifacient drug methotrexate so she would lose the baby. (Her baby was

born healthy.)

And I guess, then, that we — not radical feminism — are to blame for the actions of Edwin Sandoval. Sandoval was convicted January 12, 2001 of seven felony charges for forcing two pills of misoprostol, a labor-inducing drug used in conjunction with RU-486, into his pregnant girlfriend's birth canal. He wanted to give her an abortion, you see.

Yes, how dare that we religious “zealots” even think of blaming radical feminism and sexual libertinism for advancing the abortion culture and for increasing the incidence of violence against women and their unborn children!

So don't bother blaming Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Patricia Ireland, Kate Michelman, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, Rosemary Ruether, and Mary Daly for such evil — it isn't their fault; it's the fault of the Christian right.

And don't bother trying to use logic in this age of Godless nonreason; it's just too darn frustrating.

Matt C. Abbott is the former executive director of the Illinois Right to Life Committee and the former director of public affairs for the Chicago-based Pro-life Action League, respectively. He is also a contributor to The Wanderer Catholic newspaper, where this article first appeared. It is reprinted electronically with the permission of the author.

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