The Divine Physician

When we are very sick, we try all means to get healed. We go to the best doctors, but sometimes this does not help. In our helplessness, we even try medicines which we heard have healed others even these are not prescribed to us. Then we seek faith healers. Yes, we hope for miracles for our healing.

In the Gospel, we find Jesus being sought by many sick people who wanted to be healed. They have heard of the many miracles that Jesus had been doing. With their faith, that even by just touching his cloak, they hoped to be healed from their illness. They believed that only Jesus can do this by the fact that even the evil spirits recognized him as the Son of God.

The miracles of Jesus which they have either experienced or witnessed led the people to seek him. Do we also seek Jesus in our life? Do we seek him only because of our need for healing or because we recognize him as the Son of God, our brother and savior? How are we seeking him daily in our life?