The Demonic Abortion Industry

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book on exorcism. One chapter of the book is entitled, "Pro-Life and Exorcism" and is devoted to reflecting on the evil of abortion from a spiritual perspective. As a caution for those who may not be accustomed to the language of spiritual warfare, I would mention that the view of abortion contained in the passage below is derived primarily from Jesus' presentation of the devil as "a murderer from the beginning" (Jn 8:44) and from scriptural passages that identify other demons who collaborate with Satan in his attempt to destroy the very life of God's children. Make sure to pray as you read this passage.

In what sense is abortion demonic?

The spiritual dimension of this grisly "business" is its systematizing of ritual blood sacrifice to the god of child murder, Moloch, who we know of from the severe condemnations of him in the Old Testament (Lev 18:21, 20:2-5, 1 Kings 11:5.33, 2 Kings 23:13 and Zephaniah 1:5). This demon of murder appears in many forms and cultures through history (Phoenician, Carthaginian, Canaanite, Celt, Indian, Aztec and others) but is always the same bloodthirsty beast that demands the killing of children as his form of worship. This demon is not content with a single act of murder here and there. His insatiable appetite for the death of innocents seeks public endorsement to justify his gruesome deeds, and he needs a systematic expression of it to increase his worship.

The modern abortion industry offers ritual blood sacrifice to the ancient abortion demon. It is in every way a demonic religion. It has its sacred dogma ("choice"), its ruling hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), its theologians (feminist ideologues), its sacrificing priesthood (abortionists), its temples (abortion mills), altars (surgical tables), ritual victims (primarily babies and secondarily women), acolytes and sacristans (clinic workers and death-scorts), congregations (all supporters of abortion) and its own unifying principle of sacramental "grace" (money). In short, the abortion industry is a perfect demonic system which offers a perverse form of worship to the devil.

The sacrificial victim in this demonic religion is not a brute animal as was offered to the Old Testament God of Israel in a legitimate system of religious sacrifices. In abortion, the victim is an innocent human being who is made in the "image and likeness of God" and who can never defend herself. This combination of innocence, parental participation and ritualized obliteration of the visage of God in human form is the devil's way of blaspheming the Father with the misguided participation of God's own children. The systematic destruction of the human body which St. Paul calls "the temple of the Holy Spirit" is a blasphemous insult to God. If the abortion business is not truly demonic, nothing is. (End of excerpt.)

 From this perspective, the need for a deeply spiritual approach to ending the abortion holocaust is fundamental. It does not absolve us from working in every way humanly possible to end abortion, but it puts all our human activity into the right perspective. In this month of the Precious Blood we must cover every abortionist, abortion mill and client of the abortion industry with Christ's Blood in order to conquer the blood sacrifice of the devil with the greatest force of good known to man. If His Blood is properly applied over time with great love, we will see conversions from even the most devoted advocates of abortion. The Blood of Christ is a strong shield for all who pray and work for life and reminds us that our pro-life work brings us to Calvary to stand in solidarity with the unborn child who is unjustly deprived of life.

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  • Guest

    Abortion is not just a political issue but a deep;y spiritual one.  Anyone who discounts the Spiritual Warfare involved does not understand the true scope of the abortion industry.

  • Guest

    At last – someone has finally dared to put to print what we have always known.  God Bless Fr. Euteneuer.  This is why Our Lady of Guadualupe came to Mexico during the height of the ritual blood sacrifices of the native population there, and is why She is the partoness of the pro-life movement.  Abortion is such an obvious wrong to a clear-thinking, rational person, that I have always suspected that those who support it are in fact under some sort of spiritual oppression.  It is also why we will never win the battle with laws alone.  We must change peoples hearts.

  • Guest

    Especially beware of those who say: "I'm personally apposed to abortion but…….." There is no integrity in them.


  • Guest

    This article has reminded me of the first time I came across this idea of a demonic hatred of children, in Chesterton's book _The Everlasting Man_. 

    It made sense to me then and still does and naturally led to the thought of abortion as another manifestion of that hatred.


  • Guest

    God loves you .

    And, yet, friends – I beg of Thee, Lord – – –

    – if any one cannot be instantly in love with the beautiful, precious, embraceably delighting innocent baby – what or who can he love, starting with himself?

    I first baby-sat new cousins fifty years ago. To this day, a baby just plain takes my breath away, such gift each one is to everone in the world.

    In truth, to kill a baby in his vulnerable innocence is to proxy one’s suicide.

    Remember, I love you, too

    Reminding that we are all on the same side – His,

    Pristinus Sapienter

    (wljewell or …

  • Guest

    "Proxy one's suicide" 

    Warren you are marvelous.  That is no mere turn of phrase; it is a well of insight.

    Thank you.

  • Guest

    Reading Father Euteneuer's article gave me goose bumps.

    St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle!