The Dangers of the Rich Man

The story of the rich man and Lazarus in the Gospel reading is a reminder for us to make the right choices. The rich man chose to occupy himself with becoming more wealthy and adding more to his possessions, forgetting that wealth is to be shared, not hoarded, let alone worshipped. With his wealth he could have changed the world to be a better place. Giving a little or even his left over to the poor like Lazarus would not lessen his wealth a bit, but he chose to ignore Lazarus. The rich man clearly made the wrong choice. He forgot that he could not have gained his wealth without God’s grace.

Let us remember that everything that we have is not really ours but God’s gift which is to be shared with others. We are our brothers’ keepers. It is said that there is no better measure of your wealth than the way you dispose of it.

The season of Lent is an invitation for us to remember that we are our
brothers’ keepers. What will it take? How are we going to get the
message that the choices we make and the lifestyle we adopt will have
far-reaching consequences?