The Case for Man & Woman Marriage

“Not all married couples have children. But every child ever born has a mum and dad…” Another helpful video — this time from Ireland’s Ioana Institute.

Carolyn Moynihan


Carolyn Moynihan is deputy editor of MercatorNet.

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  • Fred

    Simple yet profound. Sad that it’s reached this point that this simple truth is being attacked.

  • Cyril

    Cool video. The part that made the most sense to me is the line, “Why not treat something unique in a unique way?”

  • George Marshall

    Of course, nothing about SSM takes away anything from the mum and dad in a heterosexual marriage. Nothing. It does, however, give something to the spouses in a SSM and their children. And, regardless of whatever else is said, there are such children who are being raised by same sex couples. Do they deserve less?

  • catholicexchange

    SSM takes away the legal and civil status that only traditional marriage ought to have and twists it to include any arbitrary combination of humans (or even non-humans, for that matter). This devalues marriage, making it less important to everyone, quickly encouraging all civilians to avoid it as the value-less thing it is. Families splinter and the basis for society collapses. That’s something. And, as to your point about children being raised by same-sex couples, they are already getting “less.” They lack either a mom or a dad. That’s “less”. They deserve more.

  • George Marshall

    It does not take away any legal rights. It does not twist it to include any combination, including non-humans. You can assert that it does, but it has not happened in any state where SSM is allowed. In many states where there is SSM, divorce rates are lower than in states where there is not. In terms of children, in some cases they had no parents and now they have two. In some cases they were given life because of that union. The children do deserve more they deserve to have the same legal protection that children of heterosexual marriages have. They deserve to have their families recognized as just that, a family.