The Borrowed Suit

How much will baseball tickets cost in the afterlife?

Will my hair grow back?

Is a school transcript necessary?

Can I go to heaven if my library books are due?

Can I rent a car or will I have to take the bus?

The ancients too wondered:

Who will make my beer every day?

Is the bread ground from millet or from wheat?

Will I wear nice clothes?

Who will sweep the floor for me?

Are chariots permitted in the underworld?

Has God seen my prurient papyrus?

Imagine a lens with many eyes

Or an eye with many lenses

Infinite and unbounded

Rotation without axis

Facets focused on one place

And that place everywhere

All singing Glory! Glory!

One vision, one God, one Joy

Will your body be returned like a borrowed suit?

What do you care?

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