The Athenians and Us

What does this promise of our Lord before his passion have to do with
us 2,000 years after his death and resurrection? Also, what connection
is there with the Athenians of the first century, during the time of
Jesus and St. Paul? What did Jesus mean when he said, “The Spirit of
truth to guide us to all truth.”

Jesus had earlier said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” When
Jesus realized that his death was near, he implanted to the disciples
all the tools that they would need to help them continue their mission
here on earth. It was at that moment that Jesus wanted them to grasp
the truth: He was not only sent by God like the prophets before him,
but that he himself is one with God.

At that time, most of his teachings must have appeared confusing and
hard to accept. Jesus gave hope to those who were very confused and
very sad. If we were in the place of the apostles during the Last
Supper, how would we have felt? What would be going through our minds?
Would we have been confused and overwhelmed by his many teachings even
if they touched the heart and may have appeared at that time

After his resurrection, our Lord sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles
so that he may be with them in a different way. The Spirit guided them
in all the things they did and reminded them of all that he had said.
It was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that they began to understand
the teachings of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit revealed and confirmed that the God loves all that he
had created. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to reveal and guide us
towards this truth, even in the midst of all the troubles and problems
we are encountering.

As for the Athenians in the 1st century, the Holy Spirit showed them an
indication of this truth. Through his preaching at the Areopagus, St.
Paul opened their hearts and minds to accept the fullness of this