The Assumption

Today we celebrate the great feast of Our Lady’s assumption into heaven, the day when Our Mother was taken body and soul and raised to the fullness of glory in heaven. The stress is body and soul. Our Lady was given the fullness of glory and there must have been great rejoicing in heaven, in the whole universe, on seeing the Queen, the Mother of Our Lord, appear in flesh! May the soul of Mary, which is the soul of Jesus, be in each of us for the glory of the Lord. May the Spirit of Mary be in each of us so that we may rejoice, truly rejoice in God!

The ark of Yahweh, the Lord of the earth, is in our midst whenever we call on Our Lady’s name. With her, our crossing over will be victorious and God’s glory will cover us always.

At all times, let us look at Mary who is always near us, watching over us so that in all things and through all things, we may be united with and be one with Jesus, her Son.

Let us tenderly hold on to Mary so that with her and like her, we may always do what is most pleasing to Our Lord in great as well as in small things.

In loving obedience, let us act courageously, forgive and forgive seventy times seven times like a faithful servant of God.