The Visitation

As Christians we are invited to sing joyfully of the wonders of God, our Salvation. He is our strength and we will not fear; we give Him praise. He is the fountain of our salvation. We proclaim His love to all nations.

Are we always aware of this joy, of this privilege that is given to us?

In the Gospel narrative, when Elizabeth hears the voice of Mary, the baby in her womb leaps for joy! Thus we have the first part of the “Hail Mary.” In response, Mary praises the Lord in a song of Thanksgiving, which we call the “MAGNIFICAT”. Indeed the Church prays this every day at Vespers. Like the Virgin Mary, we the believers express our gratitude for the many blessings of the day.

As we celebrate today the feast of the Visitation, let us continue to be thankful for the many visits of the Lord in our lives. The Lord invites us all the time to be one with him. Thank you Lord for creating us, for loving us, for calling us to be part of your body the Church, for teaching us and gathering us into one sheepfold.