Archbishop Calls Obama’s Ruling “Alarming”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I write to you concerning an alarming and serious matter that negatively impacts the Church in the United States directly, and that strikes at the fundamental right to religious liberty for all citizens of any faith.

The federal government, which claims to be “of, by, and for the people,” has just dealt a heavy blow to almost a quarter of those people – the Catholic population and to the millions more who are served by the Catholic faithful.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced last week that almost all employers, including Catholic employers, will be forced to offer their employees’ health coverage that includes sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception. Almost all health insurers will be forced to include those “services” in the health policies they write. And almost all individuals will be forced to buy that coverage as a part of their policies.

In so ruling, the Administration has cast aside the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, denying to Catholics our Nation’s first and most fundamental freedom, that of religious liberty. And as a result, unless the rule is overturned, we Catholics will be compelled to violate our consciences, or to drop health coverage for our employees (and suffer the penalties for doing so). The Administration’s sole concession was to give our institutions one year to comply.

We cannot – we will not – comply with this unjust law. People of faith cannot be made second-class citizens. We are already joined by our brothers and sisters of all faiths and many others of good will in this important effort to regain our religious freedom. Our parents and grandparents did not come to these shores to help build Arnerica’s cities and towns, its infrastructure and institutions, its enterprise and culture, only to have their posterity stripped of their God given rights. In generations past, the Church has always been able to count on the faithful to stand up and protect her sacred rights and duties. I hope and trust she can count on this generation of Catholics to do the same. Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less.

And therefore, I would ask of you two things. First, as a community of faith we must commit ourselves to prayer and fasting that wisdom and justice may prevail, and religious liberty may be restored. Without God, we can do nothing; with God, nothing is impossible. Second, I would also recommend visiting, to learn more about this severe assault on religious liberty, and how to Contact Congress in support of legislation that would reverse the Administration’s decision.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr
Archbishop of Cincinnati

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  • Bai Macfarlane

    The US Bishops are readying to refuse to comply with
    ObamaCare laws that mandate paying for services that are a violation their
    religion. As spiritual fathers, they find it unconstitutional to be forced to
    pay for something that is immoral, according to their own religion.


    Why don’t the same Bishops come to the defense of natural
    fathers who have been forced to pay for something that is immoral?


    In no-fault divorce, millions of innocent reliable fathers
    and husbands have been forced to pay for being immorally removed from their own
    children’s lives. Fathers are forced to pay state agents, such as guardian ad
    litems, court psychologists, and court fees. Their wages are garnished to
    support their children and wife in a separate household in which these fathers
    are, for no moral reason, forbidden to live.


    I hope the Bishops’ ultimatum is not too little too late.
    For nearly forty years, the government has been forcing reliable Catholic
    spouses to pay for something that is immoral. So, why wouldn’t the government
    expect the same coercion to go unchallenged by the institutional Church?


    Bai Macfarlane

    Director of Mary’s Advocates

    Inviting Catholics to invoke the intervention of the Church
    against no-fault divorce

  • Hrwg

    Not only have they stomped on our religious freedoms with this ruling, but they are not recognizing the difference between private and public sector.  The public sector (or the government) has no right to impose laws on the private sector in areas that have nothing to do with basic protection of US citizens.  Basic protection of citizens includes protecting people from being physically harmed or theft of property (oh, I forgot the government is the ones stealing people’s property and harming citizens physically, so I guess we are out of luck there).  It is criminal how our government has turned into a mob by enforcing its’ agenda on the population.  Make no mistake this government’s agenda is to destroy the moral fabric of this country so chaos follows, then, “to the victor goes the spoils”.  Most people do not follow history…there is money to be made, lots of money, in the destruction of countries and the building up of them.  Everything in the middle is useless to the greedy man.

    However, in the US we stand to loose lots in the destruction of our country.  Many countries are so corrupt it would not matter if they went under, but our country has protected religious freedoms of Christians since its’ existence began.  We have been a place of refuge for the persecuted, if we go under there will be no safe place on Earth for God fearing people to go.  It is time to fight this because God has used the US to protect many innocent people.  If we repent from this evil generation that has forced abortion, no prayer, perverse sexuality, and God out of people’s every day life, then God will look favorably upon us and restore this place of refuge to the world.  Otherwise, he will allow the wicked to hunt us and persecute us until we do cry out for help because, if we force God out of our lives, he is a loving God respecting our free will and he will not stay, but go where people love, know, and serve him willingly.  God is love he does not stay where he is not loved. We have control over this we must cry out to him to show him we love and need his help.  It is our free will that God desires.  Show him we offer it and he will supply the grace to fix this broken nation.            

  • ST. Markymark

    It is amazing that our Gov’t is so concerned about its citizens since: In a July 29th 2005 press release, the World Health Organization declared that combined estrogen-progestogen Oral Contraceptives are carcinogenic to humans. Specifically, they said that “Use of OC’s increases risk of breast, cervix, and liver cancer.” The data was presented by a working group of 21 scientists from 8 countries convened by the cancer research agency of the WHO, the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
    Companies that make birth control pills also have admitted a link between the drug and breast cancer. More recently, the journal of the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic Proceedings) published an article entitled “Oral Contraceptive Use as a Risk Factor for Pre-menopausal Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis.” It revealed that 21 of 23 studies that followed women who took the pill prior to having their first child showed an increased risk of breast cancer. The increase was especially steep among younger women. One of the authors, Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., stated, “Anyone who is prescribing oral contraceptives has a duty to tell women that 21 of 23 studies showed an increased risk.” He added, “As more information comes out, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to suppress [the documented evidence from medical studies]. There’s a growing sense that it’s really just a matter of time before the lid blows on this thing. . . . We will start seeing a new attitude towards the pill, and it will be fueled by lawsuits.”
    Why does the Pill increase a woman’s odds of developing breast cancer? Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., explains: “Two of the most important types of hormones that control reproduction are estrogens and progestins. Birth Control Pills are made from synthetic estrogens and/or progestins. Experiments have shown that these hormones cause women’s breast cells to divide more rapidly, which makes them more easily affected by carcinogens – agents which cause cancer” check out A Consumer’s Guide to the Pill and Other Drugs by John B.Wilks, Pharm. M.P.S.

  • lroy77

    Because I am unemployed, I pay for my policy out of pocket. I have requested that abortion/birth control procedures be removed-it can’t. Even if HHS policy is reversed, it does absolutely NOTHING to protect the private individual.