The Answer Is Not Yet Written!

Eph 6:1-9 / Lk 13:22-30

In our society, people spend a lot of time tending to their images, their hair, their clothes, their cars, and their space. How do I look? How do people see me? Am I OK? Some folks have panic attacks about a split nail, or frizzy hair, or a spill of wine. Somewhere in their heads there’s an idea that who they are is, or ought to be, someone who never gets split nails, frizzy hair, or wine spills. And how silly that is, because that person doesn’t exist!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about entering through the narrow door. He’s telling us to get clear about what matters and what doesn’t. If we give our hearts to fixing the things that don’t count, when we come to His door and knock, why should we think that He will know us? What would there be about us that would be like Him?

What will we be and what will we bring when we come to His door and knock for the last time? What kinds of hearts will we bring? What kinds of gifts? Will we be simply people who have endured the race and managed to reach the finish, or will we be people who made God’s gifts to us count? Will the imprint of God’s image and likeness be clearly identifiable on our faces and our hearts? It’s a huge question, and for us the answer is yet to be written.